All Prime Gaming Secret Codes For Free RP in League of Legends MSI 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Prime Gaming is back with giveaways for MSI 2023, leading to more Secret Codes and a lot of RP up for grabs.

This MSI 2023 has been a fun event for viewers and fans to enjoy. The Play-Ins have wrapped up as the Brackets Stage has started, with Gen.G beating G2 Esports in the first series. As it proceeds, fans will hope to see some fun games as they support their teams. So far, the games have been fun, and the Inkshadow Skins are a nice addition to League of Legends.

The event has also brought in a bunch of rewards for players to unlock throughout MSI 2023. First to start was the MSI 2023 Inkshadow Event, which grants players tokens and allows players to contribute to the Prize Pool for the event.

Next was the Mercedez Benz Chest, which has a giveaway for every match day. Now, the Prime Gaming Giveaway has come along during the Bracket Stage. You can see the code and put in more entries to try and grab a lot of RP. Here is what we know so far about the Giveaway.

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Prime Gaming Secret Codes

From the Bracket Stage of MSI 2023, a secret code will be given out every day. Many of them are coming, and this should give the fans something to participate in as a chance for a big prize. Here are all the daily codes for the MSI 2023 Prime Gaming Giveaway.

Bracket Stage Codes

  • Day 1 Code: MSIPAGUXSCX (Expired)
  • Day 2 Code: MSIVKWRQ63O (Expired)
  • Day 3 Code: MSIX35ARROS (Expired)
  • Day 4 Code: MSIOEP7ADI4 (Expired)
  • Day 5 Code: MSIBKV5EZEE (Expired)
  • Day 6 Code: MSIGTXKWCBE (Expired)
  • Day 7 Code: MSIAG2YETBO (Expired)
  • Day 8 Code: MSIUJ5DA35L (Expired)
  • Day 9 Code: MSITTA2CVTN (Expired)
  • Day 10 Code: MSI2QHHOLNP (Expired)
  • Day 11 Code: MSIHNXDJH6P (Expired)
  • Day 12 Code: MSIUSCXYMF

Each code is only valid for one day. Hence, you can follow us on Twitter or bookmark this page to get the code of the day.

Main Giveaway Code

  • Code: DEFYMSI2023

What Are The Rewards

The Giveaway is divided into the Main Giveaway and Daily Giveaways for the Bracket Stage. The reward for the Daily Giveaway is as follows.

  • 150k Riot Points for one lucky individual.

The Main Giveaway will reward three lucky individuals with a lot of Riot Points. Here is the breakdown as follows.

  • 295k Riot Points for the Winner.
  • 125k Riot Points each for two Runner Ups.

How To Redeem Prime Gaming Codes?

Just follow the steps below to redeem the Prime Gaming codes.

  1. Go to the Giveaway Website
  2. Enter the Daily Giveaway for the corresponding day.
  3. Follow Prime Gaming on Instagram (Both Daily and Main Giveaway).
  4. (Only For Main Giveaway) Check out the latest League of Legends Capsule
  5. (Only For Main Giveaway) Celebrate MSI 2023 with the new esports League of Legends emote
  6. Enter Secret Code from The Broadcast in the methods section.

Other than the code, there are several steps you can complete to improve your chances of winning. These steps may differ based on whether you are applying for the Daily or Main Giveaway. The extra steps for the Daily and Main Giveaways

  • Enter the Main Prime Gaming Giveaway
  • Check out Prime Gaming on Youtube
  • Visit the Amazon Gaming Website
  • Follow Prime Gaming on TikTok
  • Retweeting the Prime Gaming Tweet
  • Sharing the Giveaway on Twitter
  • Tune in to MSI 2023
  • (Only For Main Giveaway) Follow Prime Gaming on Twitter
  • (Only For Main Giveaway) Follow Prime Gaming on Facebook
  • (Only For Main Giveaway) Follow Prime Gaming on TikTok
  • (Only For Main Giveaway) Follow Prime Gaming on Twitch
  • (Only For Main Giveaway) Share Who you are supporting for MSI 2023 with the hashtag #MSI2023

With all those methods done, including the secret code, the chances of getting the reward get higher. To mention, the Giveaway is only eligible for 22 countries, so make sure to check the eligibility on the page above. May you get lucky with the MSI 2023 Giveaways!

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