Riot Says Legendary Skins Quality Is Not “Dropping” In League of Legends

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Has the quality of Legendary skins decreased over time? Let’s find out.

Skins are cosmetic upgrades players can buy for their champions in League of Legends. They allow players to customize the appearance of champions but offer no gameplay advantage. These skins can be as simple as basic color changes to as complex as new animations and sound effects.

Each Skin in League of Legends is categorized by a rarity system, and the rarity of a skin determines its model work and visual/audio effects. All skins in the game are categorized into seven rarities; these are Timeworn or Classic (520 RP), Budget or Deluxe (750 RP), Standard or Superior (975 RP), Epic (1350 RP), Legendary (1820 RP), Mythic (Special) and Ultimate (3250/2775 RP).

Both the 520 RP and 750 RP skins seem to have been discontinued, and Riot rarely releases a 975 RP skin. So, the 1350 skins have become the norm. The mythic skins are usually exclusive and have their own pricing system.

In terms of the higher tier of skin, Legendary skins are currently at the top, as the quality of these skins has surpassed their ultimate counterparts over the past few years.

That said, there have been some fan complaints in the past few months about the current state of Legendary skin. According to the fans, the quality of Legendary Skins has dropped significantly. And it appears to be the case when looking at skins like Solar Eclipse Sivir.

But recently, Riot has clarified that it is not the case, and the quality of Legendary skins has not dropped.

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Current State Of Legendary Skins

Due to Riot creating a new skins team, many fans have speculated that the quality of the skins might drop, especially the Legendary skins. But In a recent Twitter post, Riot Sakaar shared that it will not be the case.

He explained that “not all Legendaries are now ‘equal’ in what they offer.” and their quality has increased and not dropped. However, some of the Legendary skins have received some extra work. Thus it feels like the skins that have not received extra work are lower in quality.

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