Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get King’s Rock

To evolve Slowpoke into Slowking, you must need King’s Rock in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This guide will show you how to get King’s Rock.

Scarlet and Violet, a Pokémon game that was just released, looks intriguing. Assemble a team to go Pokemon catching. At Uva and Naranja Academy, players can hone their academic abilities. Participating in Tera Raids, Pokemon evolution that has been put on hold or resumed, and other actions will earn you prizes. Even Pokemon can be bred, and many sandwich recipes can be used. There are 400 Pokemon that you can collect in this game.

One of the water-type Pokemon is Slowpoke. You can evolve your Pokemon with different items, like changing rocks. For Slowpoke, you will need King’s Rock. You can develop your Slowpoke into Slowking, a more advanced Pokemon with King’s Rock.

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How to get King’s Rock

To get King’s Rock, you may follow the steps below:

Earn Gym Badges

To get King’s Rock, the first thing you will need is to get Gym Badges. You will need at least 4 Gym Badges to get King’s Rock.

Gather Pokedollars

After you have gathered the Gym Badges, you will need a massive amount of Poke Money, nearly 10,000 Poke dollars in your hand.

Visit: Delibird Presents Shop

After getting the Gym Badges and the Poke Money, go to Mesagoza’s Delibird Presents Shop to purchase King’s Rock with 10,000 Pokedollars.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get King’s Rock
Credit: YouTube (Midnight Wolf)

Buy King’s Rock at Auctions

You can also buy this item at Port Marinada Auction. But it is only possible after you have beaten the Water Gym in the game. Always keep on the lookout for these special rare items that are put up for auction.

After you have gotten the King’s Rock, give it to your Slowpoke, and with some systematic approach, your Slowpoke will gradually turn into the powerful Slowking.

In this way, you can get King’s Rock in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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