Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Slowking Builds for Tera Raids

Slowking is one of the Pokemon that are good to use in raids. But they require a special build to be effective in the raids. Here is how you can build it.

Pokemon games are usually filled with post-game things to do. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no different either. There are a lot of things you can do. One of the post-game things is the raids. There are several levels of raids you will find in the game. The star on the raids indicates the difficulty of it.

As you play through the game and clear raids, more powerful raids will spawn. Eventually, you will be facing the 7-star raids. But for 7-star raids to spawn, you must complete the game first. One of the most challenging raids in the game is the 7-star Greninja raid.

Slowking is a good choice for raids unless the Pokemon directly counter it. Especially for post-game raids, it is important to build Pokemon according to the raids you are facing. That being said, here is how you can build slowing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Best Slowking Builds for Tera Raids

Slowking is the 2nd evolution in the chain. The un-evolved version of this Pokemon is called Slowpoke. You can catch Slowpoke on the top left side of the map. They are commonly available in the beach and lake areas of the map in this region. If you trade while holding a King’s Rock, it will evolve into Slowking.

Slowking Moves/Abilities to Use

There are a lot of moves this Pokemon can learn. However, for the tera raid, there are certain moves you will need. Since each Pokemon can have four different moves that they can learn at the same time, here are the moves you need to use:

  • Oblivious/ Own Tempo
  • Slack Off
  • Chilling Water
  • Psyshock

Oblivious and Own Tempo are both exclusive abilities for Slowking. Oblivious makes him immune to infatuation, intimidation, or taunting. While Own Tempo makes him immune to confusion. Choose which one is the best for your raid and use it accordingly.

Slack Off is the healing ability of our kit. If your HP gets too low, you can use this to heal up. However, this one cannot be used to help your other teammates in the raid.

Chilling Water is a supportive ability that lowers the attack of your opponent. This is a great ability for support. Since you will be raiding, if you see a teammate getting too low, you can use this ability to lower the damage your opponent is doing.

Psychock is finally the damage ability in our arsenal. Slowking is mainly a defensive unit. So it will be tanking while doing some damage. Use this ability when you have a window to damage the opposing Pokemon.

Other Preparation You Should Do

The best item you can give Slowking is the Leftover. This will heal him by some amount every turn. You can buy this item from the Delibird shop for 20,000 Pokedollars. Also, make sure to set the nature of your Slowking to Rexaled. This will increase its defense at the cost of attack.

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