Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Best Iron Jugulis build

Iron Jugulis is another powerful and fantastic Pokemon to have to win Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This guide will show you the best Iron Jugulis build.

Scarlet and Violet, an intriguing Pokémon game, was just published. The ideal course of action would be to assemble a squad, set out, and track down every Pokemon. These Pokemon are catchable, tradeable, and breedable. Additionally, your Pokedex will be complete if you amass all 400 Pokemon. One of the new gameplay elements will be Tera Raids, which will award you massive rewards when completed.

The Tera Raids are challenging, but if you use your Pokemon correctly, you can succeed, Terasteralize other Pokemon, and defeat enemies in under a minute! Tera raids are a great method to level up quickly and earn advantages. You can have a variety of Pokemon, such as Espathra, Clodsire, Iron Jugulis, and Ceruledge, to succeed in Tera Raids.

Iron Jugulis is a powerful Pokemon immune to Ground, and Psychic types of Pokemon as Iron Jugulis is both Dark and Flying kind of Pokemon in Pcarlet and Violet. Iron Jugulis is both Modest and Timid/Shy in Nature.

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Best Iron Jugulis Build

Iron Jugulis is a powerful Pokemon with both Dark and Flying-type abilities. It can also showcase a particular skill which is called Quark Drive. Quark Drive can boost this Pokemon’s highest stat to 30%!

Iron Jugulis Moves To Use

A defensive Pokemon with potent damage-inflicting abilities is Iron Jugulis. To win, you can use Iron Jugulis to carry out specific special attacks or movements, such as Dark or Flying-type techniques. Using Iron Jugulis alongside other Pokemon in the Tera Raid Battles is a great idea. These particular moves that can injure adversaries may be demonstrated in great detail by the formidable Pokemon Iron Jugulis. The moves are;

  • Dark Pulse
  • U-Turn
  • Air Slash
  • Earth Power
  • Flash Cannon
  • Flame Thrower

Dark Pulse is a move that is highly effective at Ghost and Psychic types of Pokemon with a Power level of 80 and an Accuracy level of 100.

U-Turn can be used to switch other Pokemons on the Ground. It is highly effective with Grass, Psychic, and Dark types of Pokemon and not very effective against Fire, Fighting, poison, steel, and Fairy types of Pokemon.

Air Slash is a great move to flinch enemies and is very effective with Grass and Bug-type Pokemon.

Earth Power is super effective with Poison, Dark, Steel, Fire, etc., types of Pokemon, as this move quickly helps decrease the opponent’s actions by 10%.

Flash Cannon is a special move that covers Water and Flying types of Pokemon and lowers the opponent’s moves.

Flame Thrower is another fire-attacking move that is useful to defeat the Ice type of Pokemon.

Iron Jugulis’s Basic Stats

Iron Jugulis’s stats are down below:

  • Item: Choice Scarf
  • Tera Type: Dark/Flying
  • Nature: Modest/Shy
  • EVs: 108 HP, 252 Special Attack, 20 Defense

You can also upgrade Iron Jugulis’s HP and EV and do Hyper Training to improve other moves to win Tera Raids quickly.

That’s all about Iron Jugulis’s best build in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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