Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Catch Abra

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Here is how you can catch Abra.

Abra is a tough Pokemon to capture in Pokemon Legends: Arceus because it has a meager spawn rate and teleports immediately upon sight of Pokemon Trainers. A vigilant Abra may teleport in the neighboring vicinity or disappear from the area entirely. So it can be tough to catch and encounter this Pokemon in the game. Hence we have made a complete guide on How to Catch Abra.

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How to Catch Abra

Players will have to take cover in tall grass or hide behind trees and rocks to get close to Abra slowly.

They may throw berries to divert Abra’s attention and position themselves behind it to throw a Pokeball. However, if Abra escapes the Pokeball, it will use teleport to run away.

Abra tends to teleport every few seconds even if it has not spotted any players. Players with good aim can throw spoiled Apricorns to stun Abra and prevent it from doing so. They can then get behind Abra and throw a Pokeball at it while it is still recovering from being stunned.

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Where to Find Abra

Abra spawns in quite a few locations in Pokemon Legends: Arceus game. The first location in the game where you can catch Abra is in Windswept Run in the Obsidian Fieldlands, close to Heights Camp. Gamers who have not unlocked Heights Camp may pass the bridge in Aspiration Hill and move towards Deertrack Path by steering to the right side of the ridges. After running for some time along the beach, players would reach Windswept Run and may be able to spot Abra further down the coast.

Abra also spawns in Sandgem Flats in the Obsidian Fieldlands and Lake Acuity in the Alabaster Icelands. However, powerful high-level Pokemon spawn in Sandgem Flats and Lake Acuity besides Abra making it difficult for the Pokemon trainer to catch Abra. Thus, the ideal location for catching Abra is Windswept Run.

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