Pokemon Legends: Arceus – A Complete Guide For Cyndaquil As A Starter Pokemon

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Here is a guide for Cyndaquil as a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has all kinds of Pokemon to catch and use. There are strong Pokemon among each type, and Cyndaquil is one of the strongest fire types. Cyndaquil is among the three other starter Pokemon you will get after starting the game. If you have taken Cyndaquil, check out the complete guide have created for Cyndaquil as a Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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A Complete Guide For Cyndaquil As A Starter Pokemon

Cyndaquil has three evolutions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Professor Laventon will ask you to catch him at the beginning of the game, and later you will be given the choice of picking it as your starter Pokemon. Even if you don’t choose it as your starter Pokemon, you will be able to get it after you finish your story. After completing the game, players can get the rest of the starter Pokemon apart from Cyndaquil from Professor Laventon.

Cyndaquil Base Stats and Evolution Chart

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Due to small in size, Cyndaquil has a low base total but is the quickest among all Starter Pokemon at Level 5. It does do an excellent job of catching up after each evolution. Its final evolution Hisuian Typlosion gives it a big boost making it the highest among all other Starter Pokemon at Level 36 with a base stat total of 534.

EvolutionsTotalTypeLevelHPAttackSpecial AttackDefenseSpecial DefenseSpeed
Quilava 405Fire14586480586580
Hisuian Typlosion534Fire and Ghost367384119788595
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Cyndaquil Move List and Weaknesses

Cyndaquil is a Fire-type Pokemon, so it has three weaknesses damage from Rock, Water, and Ground types moves will be multiplied by two.

It is strong against Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel, doing two times the damage with each move. It also takes half the damage against all Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Fairy moves. Moreover, Below we have made a complete list of all the moves Cyndaquil learns or can Learn:

All Moves Cyndaquil Learns

Level LearnedMove Name PowerAccuracyPPTypeStat Conditions
Level 1Quick Attack4010030NormalUser Attacks first always
Level 6Amber6010025FireMay Burn the Opponent
Level 11Rollout309020RockDoubles in Power in each Turn for five turns
Level 18Flame Wheel9010025FireMay Burn the Opponent
Level 25Swift60Null20NormalAlways Hits
Level 34Flamethrower13510015FireMay Burn, The Opponent
Level 43Overheat195905FireSharply Lowers User’s Special Attack
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All Moves Cyndaquil Can Learn from Move Shop

Move Name PowerAccuracyPPTypeStat Conditions
Aerial Ace60Null20FlyingAlways Hits
Swift60Null20NormalAlways Hits
RestNullNull10Psychic It gets Fully Healed, but it will sleep for two turns
Iron Tail1007515SteelMay Lower Opponents Defense
Wild Charge9010015ElectricUser takes Recoil Damage
Flamethrower13510015FireMay Burn the Opponent
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Best team comp for Cyndaquil starter

Every Pokemon is strong and weak against different kinds of Pokemon. So you will need to have a balanced Pokemon lineup to counter every type of Pokemon. Since Cyndaquil is weak against Ground, Rock, and Water Pokemon, you will need to have all other kinds of Pokemon which are robust against them.

You can be held up to 6 Pokemon in your team at one time, and below, we have added the best Pokemon you can catch and keep in your team. We have also made a table for a side-to-side comparison of stats of different evolutions at the same level.


Luxray is one the most Powerful electric-type Pokemon you can find early in the game. You can find his more diminutive form Shinx at Sandgem Flats in Obsidian Fieldlands and many areas of Coronet Highlands. Electric types are strong against Water and Flying types, which you will find in abundance throughout your journey. In addition, Luxray has high attack stats, and it is an excellent addition to your team.

Luxray Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Credit- The Pokemon Company
EvolutionsTotalTypeEvolves at LevelHPAttackSpecial AttackDefenseSpecial DefenseSpeed
Luxray523ElectricNo more Evolution 8012095797970
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Overqwil is a special type of Pokemon available in the game, which you can acquire. Just catch Qwilfish from Ramanas Island in Obsidian Fieldlands and make it use Strong Style Barb Barrage 20 times to evolve into Overqwil.

It is a Dark and Poison-type Pokemon with good overall stats and moves. Due to its type and activities, Overqwil is strong against Ghost, Dragon, Grass, Flying, and Dark-type Pokemon, and can cover battles with different Pokemon and still manage to win. Hence this is why having it in your team can be very helpful.

Credit- The Pokemon Company
EvolutionsTotalTypeEvolves At LevelHPAttackSpecial AttackDefenseSpecial DefenseSpeed
Hisuian Qwilfish440Dark and PoisonUse Barb Barrage 20 times659555855585
Hisuian Overqwil 510Dark and PoisonNo More Evolution8511565956585
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Gallade is next on our list, and it is a Psychic/Fairy-Type Pokemon you can find at the Snowpoint Temple area of Albaster Iceland. You can also get Gallade by evolving Ralts to Kirlia and later to Gallade. Kirlia typically evolves into Gardevoir.

However, you can use the Dawn stone to evolve it to Gallade. Gallade is strong against Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel, Fighting, and Poison. Moreover, Ghost Type moves don’t affect it at all. You can use Future site, and other close-combat moves can quickly significantly impact any battle.

Credit- The Pokemon Company
EvolutionsTotalTypeEvolves At LevelBase HPBase AttackBase Special AttackBase DefenseBase Special DefenseSpeed
Ralts198Psychic and Fairy20282545253540
Kirlia278Psychic and FairyDawn Stone383565355550
Gallade518Psychic and FairyNo More Evolution6812595797970
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Honchkrow is a Dark and Flying time Pokemon you can find in Bathers’ Lagoon in Cobalt Coastlands, Ridge area of Crimson Mirelands, and by evolving Murkrow. Murkrow is a valuable Pokemon in your lineup as it is resistant to Ground-type moves and Psychic moves. You can easily defeat Flying, Grass, and Dragon-type Pokemon using him as he does double damage to them. Check out the stat comparison between Murkrow and Honchkrow at the same level to better understand why you should evolve Murkrow.

Credit- The Pokemon Company

EvolutionsTotalTypeEvolves At LevelHPAttackSpecial AttackDefenseSpecial DefenseSpeed
Hisuian Qwilfish405Dark and PoisonUsing Dusk Stone608585424291
Hisuian Overqwil 505Dark and PoisonNo More Evolution100125105525271
Credit- Pokemon Company


Togekisss is the last Pokemon you need in your team. Togekiss is a Fairy and Flying-type Pokemon you can find in Lake Verify or evolve from Togetic and Togepi. You can evolve Togepi by increasing your friendship level to a certain level. After that us the shiny stone to evolve Togetic to Togekiss.

Credit- The Pokemon Company

Togekiss is a must-have Pokemon as it is strong against Grass, Fighting, and Bug Type Pokemon, which you will see in abundance in the game. Togekiss also has Last resort and Sky attack, giving you an edge in Battles. Moreover, below we have made a table comparing the stats of each Evolution state at the same level.

EvolutionsTotalTypeEvolves At LevelBase HPBase AttackBase Special AttackBase DefenseBase Special DefenseSpeed
Togepi245FairyHigh Friendship352040656520
Togetic405Fairy and FlyingShiny Stone5540808510540
Togekiss545Fairy and FlyingNo More Evolution85501209511580
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