Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Evolve Mime Jr. into Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is one the fan-favorite Pokemon of all time.

Pokemon trainers might encounter the cute Pokemon Mime Jr. in the beginning part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Mime Jr. is a Fairy/Psychic-type Pokemon and may evolve into Mr. Mime by fulfilling some requirements. Mr. Mime has remained one of the most popular Pokemon since the inception of the Pokemon Universe, so many gamers would love to acquire the Pokemon.

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How To Get Mime Jr.

To get Mime Jr. in Pokemon Legends: Arceus game, you have to catch the Pokemon by exploring the grassy areas where wild Pokemon reside. Some players would want to catch the Pokemon to complete the Hisuian Pokedex research for the professor. I will show you an effortless way below to obtain the Pokemon Mime Jr. and evolve it to Mr. Mime.

You can catch Mime Jr. in the Horseshoe Plains and Sandgem Flats in the Obsidian Fieldlands. The Obsidian Fieldlands is the first wild-grassland area players will encounter in their Pokemon journey. Players can trade Mime Jr for another Pokemon with their friends, so this is the other way to obtain the Pokemon in the game.

How to evolve Mime Jr. into Mr. Mime

Players will have to level up their Mime Jr. to level 25 and make him learn Mimic. You can then head to the menu and press X to evolve the Pokemon to Mr. Mime.

Players can click the Up button on the control pad, press A on the silhouette of Mime Jr, and select the Change moves option to swap moves in the game. Players will be able to check out all the current moves learned by Mime Jr; they can press A on Mimic, teach it to Mime Jr. by swapping another move and press the confirm button.

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