Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How You Can Change Your Attire

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Here is how you can change your attire in Pokemon Arceus.

The gamers of Pokemon Legends: Arceus will start with a primary attire that they can change later in the game. However, this option becomes available once you finish a mission. If you are stuck on how to do it, below we have made a complete guide on how to change attires in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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How You Can Change Your Attire in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players will first arrive at Jublilife Village with the professor upon meeting some bizarre NPCs, and there they will get assigned with a mission to join the Galaxy Team.

The mission is the second task of the game and is known as ‘The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial. To complete this mission, the players will need to catch a Starly, Bidoof, or Shinx. And after completing the mission, they will then be able to change their garments or hairstyle.

Upon completing the task and returning to the village, players can change their attire with the newly available Survey Cops Uniform and Survey Corps Sandals. They can return to their residence and check their appearance in the mirror. The players can change their eye colors with distinct colored contacts and attire.

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They will converse with the commander upon heading back to the Headquarters and talk with Jubli Village Clothier. The Clothier will give the gamers an Everyday Kimo and a couple of Everyday Trousers. The Pokemon Trainers can also buy new clothing outfits at their shop and try them out. The shop is right across from the player’s residence, and players can quickly access the shop.

How to Change Hairstyles

Once players pass more missions, they should check back at both shops to find new clothing items and hairstyles. A big part of the Pokemon mainline series is customizing the main character, so make sure to go all out to make the best-looking protagonist possible. Players can go to the Salon next to the Clothing Shop and communicate with Edith to get a new hairstyle or alter their hair color.

They will have a wide range of hairstyles to choose from, and the options will increase as they complete more story missions and progress further in the game. For example, players can spend 500 Pokedollars to get a new refreshing haircut if they do not like the default look. However, the game does not limit the number of haircuts you can have for your game character, so talk with her, and you can change your haircut by spending 500 Pokedollars.

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