Pikmin 4: How to Solve All Obstacles

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Credit: Nintendo

Here is a quick guide on how to get past every obstacle in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 is a rescue tale of a group of unfortunate astronauts and pirates that find themselves stranded on another planet. The planet in question, PNF-404, resembles a deserted earth without humans.

However, every object on the planet is scaled much larger than life. Everyday items like cardboard boxes, pottery jars, paper bags, potted plants, and ropes will be 10 times larger than normal from your character’s perspective.

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And they will often stand in your way as obstacles, blocking your path ahead. If you want to save everyone on time, you will have to be efficient in your exploration. That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you overcome every obstacle in Pikmin 4 in the quickest way possible.

How to Solve All Obstacles in Pikmin 4

How to Solve All Obstacles in Pikmin 4
Credit: Nintendo

Although looking for lost crewmates on a strange planet can be challenging, things will be much easier with Oatchi and the Pikmin around. Below are all types of obstacles you’ll find in Pikmin 4 and how to destroy or get past them:

No.Obstacle TypeHow to Solve
1Cardboard BoxCommand the Pikmin to push it out of the way.
2Dirt Wall– Shoot down the wall by throwing multiple Pikmin;
– Command Oatchi to Rush and demolish the wall
3PotteryCommand Oatchi to Rush and break the vase.
4Electric GateUse Yellow Pikmin to destroy the gate.
5Conveyor BeltCreate friction by commanding Oatchi to Rush from one side and pressing the red button to change the Belt’s direction to the opposite side.
6Crystal WallThrow Rock Pikmin at the wall to destroy it.
7Cave EntranceCommand Oatchi or Yellow Pikmin to dig.
8OnionsCommand Oatchi or Yellow Pikmin to dig.
9Buried TreasureCommand Oatchi or Yellow Pikmin to dig.
10Geysers– Throw Blue Pikmin at Water Geyser.
– Throw Red Pikmin at Fire Geyser.
– Throw Yellow Pikmin at Electric Geyser.
– Throw White Pikmin at Poison Geyser.
11Ice WallThrow Ice Pikmin at the wall to destroy it.
12Metal BridgeDrag the handle down using your Pikmin.
13Hydro Jelly– Freeze the Hydro Jelly by throwing Ice Pikmin at it.
– Throw another type of Pikmin to destroy the frozen jelly.
14Broken Bridge– Process Raw Materials into Clay at the S.S. Beagle using Pikmin.
– Use the Clay to restore the bridge.
15MudFly over the mud using Winged Pikmin.
16High LedgesThrow Yellow Pikmin on top of the ledge to reach treasures and castaways.
17Paper BagsFlatten the paper bag using the weight of your Pikmin.
18Potted PlantDrag it out of the way using Oatchi or the Pikmin.
19RopePull the rope by throwing Pikmin at it.
20Broken WallComplete the wall using Raw Materials and climb up.
21Concrete WallDemolish the wall by throwing Bomb Rocks at it.
22Poison Mushroom– Throw White Pikmin at it; or
– Use a Sniff Saver with Oatchi
23LavaThrow Red Pikmin on the Lava to extinguish it.
24Metal FenceActivate the nearby switch to lower the fence. Does not work for rusty fences.
25Water SprinklersDeactivate the water valve with your Pikmin.
26Straw WallUse Red Pikmin to burn down the straw wall.
27Spider WebUse the weight of your Pikmin to lower the treasure caught on the web.
28TunnelDig out a path using your Pikmin.
29Sticky MoldDestroy the mushroom with your Pikmin.
30WaterFreeze Water using Ice Pikmin or Swim across using Oatchi.
PIKMIN 4 All Obstacles List

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