Post-Game Unlockables in Pikmin 4

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Post-Game Unlockables in Pikmin 4

Learn what is left to be done in the post-game plot of Pikmin 4.

A vibrant planet teeming with colorful life will be your destination in Pikmin 4. This real-time strategy game will let you take on the role of an explorer trapped on an odd, most likely post-apocalyptic Earth. Under your leadership, you will meet with an army of Pikmin, or creatures that seem like plants. These creatures are stocked with nectar and other materials that can be useful in various situations.

As you take out these little Pikmin from the ground, you will see each has a different size, color, and shape. In order to overcome challenges, puzzles, and fierce opponents, you have to use your skills and reach your final destination.

Now, upon reaching your final destination, something might still be left for you to complete. Might be some side quests, some chests, some characters, and many more. And that is all we will be talking about today. So without further ado, lets right jump into it.

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Giant Hearth Unlocked

Till now, you have been exploring and clearing out all of Sun-Speckled Terrace, Blossoming Arcadia, Serene Shores, and Hero’s Hideaway. After you have completed the main storyline, you will see the final area has been unlocked that goes by the name Giant Hearth. Just like the other ones, it has its own Treasures to find out, Onions to search for, and Castaways to save.

However, you also will need to get 11,000 Sparklium prior to unlocking this region. Moreover, the story will seem like to get continued from the point where you had to face the Red Leafling in the final mission. Even though this region seems like a bonus region at first, you will soon meet Oatchi, and he will require your immediate assistance. This will also prompt you to take a new mission, titled “Cure Oatchi.”

Olimar’s Shipwreck Tale

If you are a veteran of the old days, you will surely know who Olimar is. And if not, he was in the lead role of Pikmin’s first and second prequels. He seems lost as his ship is wrecked. He is trying to fix his ship by scavenging for lost parts.

Now that you have completed the final mission, find Olimar at the Rescue Command Post. Then, select “Tell me the tale…,” which will unlock another set of side stories. You will now take on the role of Olimar and continue on a mission where Olimar loses contact with the Rescue Corps. To repair your ship, SS Dolphin, you need to repair the necessary parts. However, you only have 15 days to spare. Within these 15 days, gather all the parts, solve some more new puzzles, and fight some new enemies.

How Many Castaways?

As the title goes, you can now see the stats for the Castaways that you have rescued. Till this time, there was no definite way of saying how many you had saved. After completing the main storyline, you are now able to see the number of Castaways on your list. However, “Rescue All Castaways” is another prerequisite for this option.

Things To Do After Completion

Now that we are done with the post-game unlockable part, we will now focus on what we have left before we focused on the main mission. As there are no NG+, all the progress will be lost, all the crafts will be uncrafted, and all the Castaways will be cast away once again. There are some other things you can do before finally plugging out:

Complete All the Tressure Catalog

This catalog is drafted by Schnauz. To make his time worthwhile, complete the whole catalog by finding and digging out all the Tressure around all the maps. How hard can that be?

Craft All Gears

There is no point in hanging up those gears if you are not going to use them. Craft and upgrade all the gears and make use of each and every one of them. Just head to Russ’s Lab and complete this process.

Max Out Good Boy Oatchi

Oatchi has been a very good boi, and he deserves the best. Captain Shepherd has a Pup training procedure and, by that, max out the skills of this good boi.

Get All Platinum Medals

Dandori Battles and the challenges are quite challenging. Most of us just set it aside and complete the main story instead. Now that the main story is completed, you can now give enough time behind these quests. Not going to be in vain, as quite a shiny reward will be waiting for you.

Complete Piklopedia

If you have the intention to complete the game 100%, you will also need to focus on the Piklopedia. This is basically an entry book for all Pikmin, plants, and enemies that you will need to come across. You have now all the time in the world to complete this pedia.

And that is all I had for the Postgame unlockables and things you can do after the main story in Pikmin 4. Before heading back to your den, check what else we are cooking:

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