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Keep reading to learn how you can complete every single side quest in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Golden doesn’t shy away from offering an abundance of content. May it be a captivating story or well-refined quality-of-life features, Persona 4 Golden sure offers it all. And the long list of side quests only adds to the extensive range of activities you can do in the game. That’s right, Persona 4 Golden has a total of 69 side quests for you to complete.

Even though Inaba is a relatively small town, doing these side quests will allow you to learn more about the people that live there and help you grow your attachment to certain NPCs. Moreover, 9 of the 69 side quests are directly tied to the Hermit (Fox) Social Link. So, completing all of them will result in you reaching a Rank 10 S.Link bond with the Shrine Fox.

Persona 4 Golden: All Side Quests
Credit: ATLUS

People around Inaba that are in need of your assistance can be identified by the blue icon over their heads. However, the icon will turn golden once you’ve accepted their request. Although the icon disappears once you clear the quest, the blue icon might reappear again if they have a new request.

Having said that, most quests in Persona 4 Golden are simple fetch quests that are automatically completed by clearing dungeons and collecting items dropped by various enemies. However, there are still some quests that require extensive legwork. In addition, some late-game quests will compel you to revisit an early-game dungeon.

Sadly, the game barely ever provides any useful hints on how to complete the more ambiguous requests. That is why we have prepared a list of every side quest you take up in Persona 4 Golden, along with how to complete them.

All Side Quests in Persona 4 Golden

Below are all the side quests you can do in Persona 4 Golden, along with how to unlock them, where to find them, their unlocking date and requirements, and rewards. Moreover, we will also guide you on how to successfully complete these quests once accepted.

Quest no.Quest NameHow to UnlockQuest LocationUnlock Date & RequirementsReward(s)How to Complete
01Who’s the Riddle Master!?Speak to the Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F04/18Chest Key x3Answer 1: Group A

Answer 2: Top 6 flag colors.
02The Girl on the RooftopSpeak to the Male StudentClassroom 2-204/25Goho-MSpeak to the Girl on the Rooftop and pick the second dialogue option.

Repeat this for two more days.

(Not available on Rainy Days)
03Acquire Mori Ranmaru ShochuSpeak to the ManSamegawa Flood Plain05/014,000 yenFound inside TV World’s Twisted Shopping District.

Interact with the table at the center of the room.
04Acquire an Angel StatueSpeak to the Timid Female StudentClassroom 2-205/02Chest Key x3Item Drop from Avenger Knight (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7F).
05Acquire a Demon StatueSpeak to the Shady StudentClassroom Building 2F05/02Dokudami Tea x3Item Drop from Magical Magus (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7F).
06Acquire a Ritz WireSpeak to the Male StudentPractice Building 1F05/02Olympic TapeItem Drop from Heat Balance (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7F).
07I Wish for LoveSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06Hermit Rank Up (1 > 2)Accept the Ema from the Fox and speak to the female student in Classroom Building 1F lobby.

Speak to her again the next day in Classroom Building 2F and tell her “I read it.”

Speak to her again the next day in Classroom Building 2F and report to the fox.
08I Wish I Didn’t Crave SnacksSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 07
Hermit Rank Up (2 > 3)Receive a Meat Gum from Chie.

Give the Meat Gum to the Woman in the Southern Shopping District.
09We Wish Our Dog Would ReturnSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 08
Hermit Rank Up (3 > 4)Interact with the Dog in Samegawa Floodplain.

Interact with the dog again the next day in Shopping District North and choose “Talk to it gently”.

Interact with the Dog for a few more days and feed it a Beef Skewer from Souzai Daigaku.

(Not available on Rainy Days)
10I Wish I Had FriendsSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 09
Hermit Rank Up (4 > 5)Talk to the boy in Samegawa Flood Plain, and choose “I don’t want your money”.

Give the boy a prize sticker (Item received from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities).

Then, acquire a Tankiriman Sticker from Nanako and give that to the boy.
11I Wish My Life Had Meaning AgainSpeak to the FoxShrine
Complete Quest 10
Hermit Rank Up (5 > 6)Complete the Unfinished Model for the man in the North Shopping District.
12I Wish I Was Better At SpeakingSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 11
Hermit Rank Up (6 > 7)Speak to the girl on the school rooftop.

Choose “Looks like you want to learn to speak better”

Then choose “Let me teach you”.

Speak to her again the next day and select “It takes courage to apologize”.
13I Wish I Didn’t Fear CatsSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 12
Hermit Rank Up (7 > 8)Speak to the man at the Samegawa Floodplain and ask him about cats.

Then go to the Dojima Residence and approach the cat outside the house and select “Bring here”.

The next day, speak to the man and choose “Let him see”. 

Give a Red Goldfish (Fish or purchase from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities on 5th June) to the man the next day and speak to him again the day after that.
14I Wish My Wallet Would ReturnSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 13
Hermit Rank Up (8 > 9)Speak to the Woman at the Samegawa Floodplain.

Then search around the sign of the riverbank stairs to find the Round Wallet item.

Talk to the woman again and she will tell you that wallet isn’t hers.

Now, visit Shopping District North and interact with the lamp post by the shrine entrance to find the Square Wallet. After finding this wallet, take it back to the woman.
15The Shichiri Beach GuardianSpeak to the FoxShrine05/06 Onwards

Complete Quest 14

Must have Scooter access to Shichiri Beach

Guardians spawn more often on Rainy Days
Hermit Rank Up (9 > 10)Talk to the old man at the Samegawa riverbank.

Then, catch a River Guardian using Inaba Jewel Beetles (only available for catching at night) as bait.

After that, show the old man the River Guardian to receive the Sea Rod.

You then need to use a Genji Beetle (only available at night) to catch the Sea Guardian at Shichiri Beach.
16Desk RefurbishingSpeak to the Homely StudentPractice Building 2F05/18Royal Jelly x5You need to acquire a Fitting Board.
Item Drop from Laughing Table (Yukiko’s Castle 6-7F)
17Extracurricular ActivitiesSpeak to the Ms. SofueClassroom Building 2F Staircase05/18Pulsating Stone x2You need to acquire a Suspicious Pole. Drop from Trance Twins (Yukiko’s Castle 3-5F)
18Book ExchangeSpeak to the Avid ReaderShopping District, South05/23The Gentle WayGive the Avid Reader a Peach Seed (which can be looted from treasure chests).
19Tissue Distribution AgentSpeak to the Man in front of the TheatreOkina City06/11

Unlock Scooter Access to Okina
5,000 yenThe Man in front of the Theatre will ask you to distribute tissues to people on his behalf.

Approach everyone in the area and talk to the man again to get your reward.
20Please Feed the CatSpeak to the Avid ReaderShopping District, South06/03

Complete Quest 18
The Punk WayFeed the cat on the Semagawa Floodplain.
21Feed the CatSpeak to the CatSamegawa Flood Plain06/03

Complete Quest 20
Heal JellyFeed the cat 7 times. (Use Fish caught from the river or bought from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities)
22Cat Needs Food BadlySpeak to the CatSamegawa Flood Plain06/03

Complete Quest 21
SomaYou have to feed Fish to the Cat 19 times. (Requirement drops to 4 to 5 times if you feed it Guardians fish)
23Acquire an Old KeyOld WomanSamegawa Flood Plain06/05Knowledge and Courage UpItem Drop from Bribed Fuzz (Steamy Bathhouse 1-2F)
24Acquire CoalSpeak to the Loud Old ManShopping District, North06/0515,000 yenItem Drop from Selfish Basalt (Steamy Bathhouse 5-6F)
25100% Inaba-Grown CabbageSpeak to the Fussy HousewifeJunes06/05

Unlock gardening
Sharp ShovelPurchase Cabbage Seedlings from the farmer and grow the cabbage in your garden.
Do it twice to acquire three cabbages.
26Acquire a Crooked CrossSpeak to the Timid Female StudentClassroom 2-206/07

Complete Quest 04
Ointment x3Item Drop from Tranquil Idol (Steamy Bathhouse 7-8F)
27Acquire a Charmed VeilSpeak to the Timid Female StudentClassroom 2-207/12

Complete Quest 26
Chest Key x5Item Drop from Liberating Idol (Marukyu Striptease 5-10F)
28Desk Refurbishing, Part 2Speak to the Homely StudentPractice Building 2F06/08

Complete Quest 16
Snuff Soul x2This time you have to acquire a Reflecting Board.

Item Drop from Crying Table (Steamy Bathhouse 9-10F)
29Acquire a HornSpeak to the HousewifeShopping District, South06/0918,000 yenItem Drop from Grave Beetle (Steamy Bathhouse 9-10F)
30Please Find My Younger TwinSpeak to the Young GirlShopping District, South06/09

Must be completed before 11/17
Goho-M x5Go to the Samegawa Riverbank and speak to the Young Girl
31The Cleaning Club’s PassionSpeak to the Male StudentClassroom Building 3F06/11

Take up the Hospital job. (Nighttime)
Bamboo BroomPurchase an Iai Katana from Daidara and speak to the Student in Practice Building 2F.
He will offer to trade your Katana for a mop.

Then, purchase the Cleaning Outfit from the boutique in Okina and show it to the Student in Practice Building 3F. (Only available after accepting the Hospital job)
32Acquire Inaba TroutSpeak to Master DaidaraDaidara06/14Inaba Trout (Weapon)Can be easily caught from the Samegawa River at any time or purchased from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities on 06/05.
33Acquire a Silver LumpSpeak to the Male StudentPractice Building 1F06/30

Complete Quest 6
Uplifting Radio x2Item Drop from Silver Dice (Marukyu Striptease 7-10F)
34Acquire Hard BootsSpeak to the Avid ReaderShopping District, South07/03

Complete Quest 20
Guide to Pests, 5,000 yenFirst, sell 5 Thick Hides to Daidara for him to add Hard Boots to his shop.

Thick Hides are dropped by Dancing Hand (Steamy Bathhouse 5-8F)
35Carbon CopySpeak to the Young GirlSamegawa Riverbank07/13

Complete Quest 30

Must be completed before 11/17
Emergency Kit x3The Young Girl wants a Flower Brooch.

Item Drop from Soul Dancer (Marukyu Striptease 1-3F)
36Carbon Copy, Part 2Speak to the Young GirlSamegawa Riverbank08/22

Complete Quest 35

Must be completed before 11/17
Macca Leaf x3The Young Girl wants a Leaf Pochette.

Item Drop from Blind Cupid (Void Quest 3-4F)
37Pining For Stylish FormalwearSpeak to the WomanOkina City07/16Royal JellyObtain from one of the gold chests in Yukiko’s Castle.
38Harvest Two Types of CornSpeak to Master DaidaraDaidara07/25Grilled CornFirst, purchase some Barrier Corn seeds from the seed seller.

Then, plant and harvest the Barrier corn to give them to Daidara.
39Acquire an Eternal LampSpeak to the Old ManSamegawa Flood Plain08/2230,000 yenItem Drop from Amenti Raven (Void Quest 3-4F)
40Acquire Some Fashionable DishesSpeak to the Avid ReaderShopping District, South08/09

Complete Quest 34
Riddlemania, 10,000 yenItem Drop from Sky Balance (Marukyu Striptease 9-10F)

Make sure not to sell these materials to Daidara.
41What Was That in the Movie?Speak to the Girl in front of the TheatreOkina City09/02N/AAfter speaking to the Girl in front of the movie theatre, ask Ms. Sofue about the object. She can be found by the staircase of Classroom Building 2F.

After getting her answer, report back to the girl.
42Riddle Senpai Returns!Speak to the Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F09/02

Completed Quest 1
Snuff SoulAnswer 1: Group A
Answer 2: Human Motion
Answer 3: Group B”
Answer 4: Indefinite Articles.
43Experiments in TelepathySpeak to the Girl in Shopping DistrictShopping District, South09/05

Complete Quest 30

Must be completed before 11/17
Dokudami Tea x5Speak to the Girl in Samegawa Riverbank.
44Extracurricular Activities, Part 2Speak to Ms. SofueClassroom Building 2F Staircase09/20

Complete Quest 17
Mysterious Scarab x2You need to acquire a Culurium.

Item Drop from Steel Machine (Void Quest 9-10F)
45A Test of Literary MemorySpeak to the Avid ReaderShopping District, South09/26

Complete Quest 40
Who Am I?Answer 1: Judo medalists’ names
Answer 2: How one should live as a punk
Answer 3: 2 pages per pest
Answer 4: Me
46Desk Refurbishing, Part 3Speak to the Homely StudentPractice Building 2F09/28

Complete Quest 28
BeadYou need to obtain 3 Proof of Passion.

Item Drop from Furious Gigas (Secret Lab B4)
47Find Me Something to WearSpeak to the Woman in OkinaOkina City10/12Juli FanFirst, obtain and sell 8 Power Rocks to Diadara for him to add the Invincible Mini to his shop.

Then purchase the Invincible Mini and give it to the Woman.

Item Drop from Power Castle (Secret Lab B3-7)
48Acquire a Crystal BallSpeak to Ms. NakayamaClassroom Building 3F10/0835,000 yenItem Drop from Constancy Relic (Secret Lab B1-2)
49Acquire a Training ShellSpeak to the PrincipalClassroom Building 3F10/08Understanding and Diligence Stat Point boostItem Drop from Wicked Turrets (Secret Lab B7-8)
50Acquire a High-Speed GearSpeak to the Female StudentClassroom Building 1F10/08Physical Mirror x3Item Drop from Mach Wheel (Secret Lab B5-6)
51Acquire Fine CoalSpeak to the Loud Old ManShopping District, North10/09

Complete Quest 24
40,000 yenItem Drop from Power Castle (Secret Lab B3-8)
52A Twin’s IndependenceSpeak to the TwinsSamegawa Riverbank10/09

Complete Quest 36

Must be completed before 11/17
Chain BeadYou need to obtain a Branch Headband.

Item Drop from Elegant Mother (Secret Lab B8)
53Experiments in Telepathy, Part 2Speak to the TwinsSamegawa Riverbank10/31

Complete Quest 52
Super Sonic x3Speak to Young Girl in the Shopping District, South.

Then, return to Samegawa Riverbank and speak to the sister.

After this, go back to Shopping District again and speak to the Young girl again.
54Find my PetSpeak to the Woman near Police StationOkina City11/1Haikara Shirt (Armor)First, you have to locate the dog in Shopping District, North. She can be found sitting in front of Souzai Daigaku.

Then, you must call her “Mika-chan”.

Then, continue meeting the dog for three consecutive days, and feed her 3 Steak Skewers from Souzai Daigaku.
55Revenge of Riddle Senpai!Speak to the Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F11/12

Complete Quest 47
Chewing SoulAnswer 1: Group B
Answer 2: The way they’re drawn
Answer 3: Promethium
Answer 4: Need
56The Girl on the Rooftop, Part 2Speak to the Male StudentClassroom 2-211/22

Complete Quest 2
Mokoi DollYou need to acquire an Animal Guide and give it to the Male Student.

Item Drop from Prime Magus (Heaven 1-2F)
57Desk Refurbishing, Part 4Speak to the Homely StudentPractice Building 2F11/22

Complete Quest 46
Fire Signal x3You need to obtain a Classy Lumber.

Item Drop from Angry Table (Heaven 5-7F)
58Acquire an Old OreSpeak to the Male StudentPractice Building 1F11/22

Complete Quest 33
Spirit RadioItem Drop from Revelation Pesce (Heaven 6-8F)
59Acquire a Modest LampSpeak to the Old ManSamegaqa Flood Plain11/22

Complete Quest 39
45,000 yenItem Drop from Phantom Lord (Heaven 5-6F)
60Acquire Samegawa’s GuardianSpeak to Maseter DaidaraDaidara01/10

Must be on a Rainy Day
Guardian (Weapon)Catch the Guardian using an Inaba Jewel Beetle as bait.
61Find My Pet, Part 2Speak to the Middle-aged womanOkina City01/10

Completed Quest 54
Haikara ShirtGo to Samegawa Riverbank and feed the cat some fish for 5 days.

You have to make sure to feed it a different fish each time.
62Extracurricular Activities, Part 3Speak to Ms. SofueClassroom Building 2F Staircase01/10

Completed Quest 44
Silver TrayYou need to obtain an Orichalcum.

Item Drop from Solemn Machine (Magatsu Mandala 6F)
63Acquire Golden ChainsSpeak to Ms. NakayamaClassroom Building 3F01/10

Complete Quest 48
65,000 yenYou need to obtain 3 of them.

Item Drop from Minotaur II (Magatsu Mandala 6F red shadows)
64The Riddle Senpai’s Encore!Speak to the Funky StudentClassroom Building 3F01/10

Complete Quest 55
Soul Food x3Answer: Uruguay
65Kashiwagi’s Special LessonSpeak to Ms. KashiwagiClassroom Building 1F01/16Coronet ArmorAnswer 1: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Answer 2: Rabbit
66Show Me Some Cute SlippersSpeak to Ms. KashiwagiClassroom Building 1F01/17

Complete Quest 65
Fighter ArmorGo to Practice Building 2F and speak to the boy who is willing to trade the Cute Slippers for Vidar Boots.

You can purchase the Vidar Boots from Daidara after selling him 8 Bloody Hides. [Item Drop from the Jotun of Blood (Heaven 8-9F)]
67Dazzle Me With Animal Paw GlovesSpeak to Ms. KashiwagiClassroom Building 1F01/18

Complete Quest 66
Magical ArmorYou can get the Animal Paw from Shiroku Pub by trading in 8 Magatsu Xandrite and 1 Mondo Stone.

Magatsu Xandrite is a rare item drop from Gold Hands.

Mondo Stone can be obtained by trading a Guardian with the Maiden at Shrine (only available at night).
68Kashiwagi’s Special Lesson Part 2Speak to Ms. KashiwagiClassroom Building 1F01/19

Complete Quest 67
School SwimsuitAnswer 1: Raster
Answer 2: Latin
Answer 3: Rome
69A Student Should StudySpeak to the PrincipalClassroom Building 3F01/23Victory FanAnswer 1: Wind
Answer 2: Upper
Answer 3: 7
Answer 4: Mameluke
Persona 4 Golden List of Side Quests

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