Pathfinder’s voice actor asks Gibraltar’s voice actor to say YEET, the result is hilarious

Now that is gonna stuck into the heads of Gibby mains when they throw their ults

Pathfinder voice actor Chris Edgerly has been really active in the Apex Legends community ever since the game released back in February 2019.

Chris Edgerly seems to have embraced the Pathfinder persona as it looks like he genuinely loves interacting with fans using his voice. Recently in a stream interview Pathfinder voice actor asked the Gibraltor voice actor Branscombe Richmond to say YEET.

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Much to everyone’s surprise, Gibraltor voice actor responded with a witty reply thus creating a wholesome moment. The fact that Branscombe Richmond had no idea what YEET means made it that much funnier. Watching Chris Edgerly explain what YEETING means to Gibraltor voice actor is probably the funniest thing you will see in the internet today.

Apex Legends community can be really up and arms when it comes to the many technical and balancing issues in the game. But when it comes to this kind of moments the community is always very welcoming.

Chris Edgerly the pathfinder voice actor took interacting with fans to a whole new level as he started to stream his games as a pathfinder and other legends while doing an impression of them. So, if you want you can hear pathfinder playing pathfinder in real life.

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