DPS guide with updated numbers for weapons in Apex Legends S4

We have some new DPS contenders this season

Apex Legends new season assimilation launched February 14th last month. With the start of the new season, Respawn made a lot of balancing changes to the weapons meta.

Special thanks go to Reddit user nightravenswing for creating the list with the updated numbers. This list shows some new contenders for the top tier weapons in the current season. Note that this graph is made based on the updated numbers from season 4 of Apex Legends.

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DPS guide for s4

DPS for apex s4 wepons

This graph indicates the rise of some B tier weapons to A tier. One good example would be Prowler SMG(full auto). This gun was not at the top of the list for DPS last season. But as Respawn increased both fire rate and damage, this gun easily competes with or in some cases outclasses the R99 in damage per second.

Changing the Weapon meta

Respawn seems to be giving some guns like the prowler a substantial amount of buffs making it a must-have just like the G7 scout in the last season. This rotation of weapons meta is intentional from Respawn to keep the gameplay as fresh as possible for returning players.

Any live service game tries to do the same by nerfing and buffing certain weapons so that players who don’t want to use any other than the top tier weapons like r99, wingman, peacekeeper give other weapons a chance.

This list is for the current season of Apex Legends. With the new season on the horizon, this graph will also change with time.

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