Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – All Achievements and Trophies

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Learn how to get all the achievements in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

The sequel to Pathfinder Kingmaker is finally here with Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. The tabletop game is now bigger and better with much-demanded fixes and changes, such as new character classes and a mythic progression system. But the biggest improvement is its proper turn-based combat mode, which makes playing the game less tedious.

This vast, isometric, open-world RPG has garnered great reviews from critics and players alike, thanks to these new changes in almost all aspects of gameplay. Furthermore, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous comes packed with content, lore, side quests, unlockables, and collectibles. Hence, you can delve hours into it till you complete the game. Since games like this require planning and strategizing, in addition to grinding, you’d be spending a lot of time playing this anyways. Something both RPGs and tabletop fans like.

Even if Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous or similar games are always popular only among a niche community, if you’re a fan of high fantasy RPGs or turn-based games, you ought to try this one out. Moreover, this game is also a great option if you’re an achievement hunter looking to earn some gamerscores.

Moreover, some of the achievements unlock quickly as you play the game or need minimal effort (some specific actions or milestones), but some need considerable time. But it won’t be much of a problem for both fans of this genre and seasoned achievement hunters.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous releases on August 29th for Xbox consoles and on September for PlayStation. So let’s find out what are all the achievements for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. We will also add trophies when the game releases on PlayStation.

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All Xbox Achievements in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Achievement NameHow To UnlockGamerscore
Devoured by DarknessYou survived the journey through the beautiful and savage dungeon.15G
Burning CityYou saved Kenabres and acquired mysterious and thrilling powers.15G
Banner over the CitadelYou reclaimed a formidable crusade relic and chose your mythic path.15G
Fifth CrusadeYou successfully led an offensive into the demon-infested lands of the Worldwound.15G
Embrace of the AbyssYou survived the impossible journey and returned to Golarion.15G
Heart of the Fallen LandYou reached the dead city of Iz and secured your place as the greatest figure in Worldwound history.15G
The Final ThresholdCongratulations, Commander! Your story is complete!100G
TransformationYour mythic transformation is complete!40G
Mythic ChoicesUse your mythic powers five times in dialogues to influence the world and living souls.15G
Spirit of AdventuresComplete the game playing on Core difficulty or above.55G
Test of the StarstoneComplete the game on Unfair difficulty.80G
Sadistic Game DesignYou have fulfilled the unreasonable, inhuman requirements set out in the game encyclopedia.100G
Queen’s GratitudeReclaim Drezen in Chapter 2 quickly and efficiently, and get praise from Queen Galfrey.15G
Great UpstartRaise all four Crusade stats (Leadership, Strategy, Diplomacy, Military) to rank 5 in Chapter 3.15G
Strategic VictoryBy the end of the game, develop all four Crusade stats to their maximum potential.40G
Heroic VictoryDefeat Khorramzadeh’s army in Crusade mode.15G
Defender’s HeartDefend the tavern from attack without losing a single building to the arsonists.15G
Abyssal ConspiracyInvestigate and prevent the demodand conspiracy in the Midnight City.15G
Core of the RiddleUncover the truth behind the mysterious ancient ruins and the ghosts that guard them.15G
Your first big enemyPlaying on Core difficulty or above, defeat the water elemental in the Prologue.15G
Prelate’s nemesisPlaying on Core difficulty or above, find the nabasu demon on the streets of Kenabres and kill it.15G
Blight of DrezenPlaying on Core difficulty or above, let Chorussina summon a powerful demon in Drezen and defeat it.15G
End of Eternal GuardPlaying on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Ivory Sanctum’s final Eternal Guardian.15G
Playful MoodPlaying on Core difficulty or above, kill the Playful Darkness in the Midnight Fane.15G
Just PatheticPlaying on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Pathetic Quasit in Alushinyrra.15G
Dreadful DragonPlaying on Core difficulty or above, kill Melazmera, the umbral dragon of Colyphyr.15G
Ashes to AshesPlaying on Core difficulty or above, find and defeat the Ashen Lady in the Ivory Labyrinth.15G
All Paths OpenUnlock all six mythic paths before choosing one at the end of Chapter 2.15G
A FlameYou found love in the midst of the war with the Abyss.40G
Hey, I know you!Save or let go a cultist scribe, a traveler, and a vrock. Then find out what happens to them later.15G
Demonic and DivineFace two great entities and make your choice.15G
Death by ColumnHit your own party with the rolling column in the Tower of Estrod.15G
Next-Door-PlayFind the Next-Door Theater in each chapter and help the troupe to finally stage their play.15G
Get the ToadNo time to explain. Just get the toad!15G
Midnight AimYou chose the right weapon to fight a demon lord.
AscensionAgainst all odds, through trials unthinkable, you ascended as a true demigod. (Secret)
RadianceOne of the crusade’s greatest weapons is now in your hands. (Secret)
Subtle HintsYou investigated and uncovered a saboteur in your army. (Secret)15G
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Achievements

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