Saints Row: All Criminal Ventures

Learn all about the many Criminal Ventures in Saints Row and kickstart your criminal empire.

Even though the game is now considered one of the worst games of this year, Saints Row still has a few areas where it shines, most notably, some of its side contents. One of these is Saints Row’s Criminal Ventures system. It allows you and your gang to invest money in various criminal businesses in Santo Ileso and gives you a constant income. Furthermore, it unlocks more gameplay content, events, etc. So what are Criminal Ventures in this Saints Row reboot?

Like main missions and side-quests, Criminal Ventures are basically milestones that are unlocked after you complete certain missions. You can invest money to participate in these shady businesses and get a lot of cash as profit, in addition to unlocking items and more.

Moreover, every venture comes with a mission to complete. While some become monotonous, others are rewarding as well as enjoyable.

Are you a completionist looking to unlock and own stakes at all the Criminal Ventures in Saints Row? Then look no further and follow this guide as we list the different types of Criminal Ventures.

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All Criminal Ventures

There are a total of 14 Criminal Ventures to do your business with. To start accessing them, you must play through them until you complete the Networking mission. This unlocks the Empire Table, where the Saints’ plan and execute future business endeavors. From here, you will start to receive quest lines related to Criminal Ventures.

Jimrob’s Garage

This is unlocked automatically by playing the main story. You’ll be tasked with stealing and delivering cars to JR as part of the Chop Shop mission.

Completing this unlocks the car delivery service and cash rewards.


Complete the Food Truck Kingpin to unlock. In this quest, you’ll be tasked with stealing food trucks spread across the map and bringing them back to the Saints HQ.

Unlike Jimrob’s Garage, this quest line is shorter and easier. However, the rewards are still awesome. You unlock new costumes, 4 food trucks, and money.

Bright Future Disposal

Complete the Toxic Waste quest line to unlock. One of the most stressful and annoying quest lines of the game. You’ll be transporting radioactive material across long distances, and you cannot crash or destroy the truck.

Like Chalupcabra, completing this also rewards you with a hefty sum of cash, vehicles, and multiple outfits, including a hazmat suit.

Shady Oaks Medical Clinic

Complete the Insurance Fraud quest line to unlock this venture. Gaining access to this venture opens up one of the most popular side activities in the Saints Row franchise, Insurance Fraud.

You get access to more outfits and costumes, money, and the Shady Oaks crew. With them, you can trap people into insurance fraud and earn a lot of cash. This can be done very early in the game.

Castle Kraken

Complete the Dustlander Beacons quest to unlock this venture. This short quest has you defend objectives from waves of enemies at a castle. Additionally, completing it unlocks Castle Kraken, and you get rewarded with money.


Complete Alpha Test to unlock. In this quest, you will test new products of different kinds before they are shipped to markets. Be warned these products have various side effects. However, completing this unlocks the ability to research and develop unique items and wacky weapons that reflect Saints Row’s comedic tone.


Complete Clean Up Crew to unlock. You’re tasked with cleaning up corpses within a time frame before the cops catch you. This quest line is not too long and is also enjoyable. In addition, you’ll unlock the Laundromat and cash rewards.

Wuzyerz Repo

Unlocks after completing Repossession. This is the worst and most boring quest line of all. Drive tow trucks all around Santo Ileso and tow them to the repo guy.

Cutting Edge

Although Cutting Edge consists of a very long quest line of 15 missions, completing it unlocks a fun and detailed customization option for you, your vehicles, and your weapons.

You can find Cutting Edge materials as collectibles and use them to modify your possessions.

Kakts Radio

This is Criminal Venture offers a fun quest-line but is a bit tedious. Travel across Santo Ileso to jam radio signals to stop rival gangs and the police from calling backup during the conflict. You unlock the ability to prevent enemies from communicating.

The Big One

The Big One is an important Criminal Venture to take up, especially if you want to dominate your foes. The quest line for this venture has you cause mayhem and destruction in different parts of the map.

Completing it unlocks your own weapons business and lets you have powerful weapons in your arsenal. This Criminal Venture is also very profitable.

Final Strike Dojo

Another important business to invest in. Completing this quest line helps train and strengthen your gang. Hence, making them more capable of fighting.

You’ll be tasked with setting up and building items in different areas of Santo Ileso, which enables your members to train.

Planet Saints

Planet Saints will be your own fashion brand. But to kickstart this venture, you must finish its relatively easy quest line. Steal trucks carrying clothes and deliver them to various stores across Santo Ileso as your own shipment.

As a result, you’ll get your own fashion label and a huge income from it as a reward.

Saints Tower

The final Criminal Ventures in Saints Row. To unlock this, you need to complete all other Criminal Ventures and have 8 million dollars saved. The money is necessary to purchase a grand, stylish skyscraper called the Saint’s Tower to establish dominance over everyone else and show your influence over Santo Ileso.

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