PashaBiceps has been recognized as CS:GO’s the player of the decade

Finally, he has been recognized as player of the decade

Polish pro gamer pashaBiceps has been recognized as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s player of the decade. He has been known as the nicest guy ever in the pro-Counter-Strike scene.

Finally, he has been recognized as a player of the decade for all the contributions that he has given to the pro-Counter-Strike scene. He was part of the most successful team in CS:GO’s history called Golden Five. They were the most successful team in terms of winning big tournaments and prize money by a good margin.

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His real name is Jarosław Jarząbkowski and he was born on April 11, 1988. This counter strike pro made a big name for himself not only by his amusing gameplay but also by his larger than life persona’s. He was known to be very humble and nice to everyone.


After Golden Five, he joined Virtus Pro in their pro-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roaster. This 31-year-old is now married and has two kids. His notable achievements include his performance on the big stage and also of the stage.

Some notable achievements

  • In 2011 he was voted 18th best player
  • In 2013 he was also voted 18th best player
  • In 2014 he as voted 3rd best player

He also hosted intel Extreme masters season 13 trophy for 2019 major tournament. From 2014-2017 he had six wins and four runners up trophy. All these winnings have made him quite a good sum of money.

Jarosław Jarząbkowski aka pashaBiceps is undoubtedly player of the decade. Finally, he was recognized for his efforts in the pro scene.


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