Pants are Dragon finally reaches rank 1 in NA solo queue

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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League of Legends streamer and Youtuber ‘Pants are Dragon’ finally reaches rank 1 in the NA solo queue.

Pants are Dragon is one of the most popular League of Legends YouTubers who has over 600k subscribers on the platform. He is widely popular in the League community because of his ‘Challenger to Rank 1′ series. He started the series back in season 6 and quickly grabbed players’ attention because of his high Elo gameplay.

Although he reached rank 1 jungler in the past, he never reached rank 1 player in the NA server before. Additionally, he was also hovering around the top 10 challenger ladder for the last couple of months.

But today, on his 27th birthday, Pants are Dragon has finally reached his goal becoming the Rank 1 player in the North American solo queue with 1,580 LP.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present then this,” Pants are Dragon expressed his feeling reaching rank 1. “After 6 seasons of starting the challenger to rank 1 series, I finally achieved something that I never thought I would get, but after hours of grinding I’m finally done the series.”

His stats on is quite impressive as well. In order to reach rank 1 on his account PantsAreFacebook, he played a total of 570 games while having a 58% win rate. His top three most picked champions are Nunu & Willump, Elise, and Wukong with whom he has an astonishing 70%, 67%, and 60% win rate respectively.

Moreover, his recent performance with Nunu is quite outstanding as well. In his recent 28 games, he has also won 22 of them. And in his last game that got him rank 1, he dealt the most damage in the game while playing Nunu in the mid lane.

Although it is uncertain whether he will be able to finish the season with rank 1, it is still a great achievement for his career.

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