A Complete Guide to Crafting in Palworld

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here is everything you need to know about Palworld’s crafting system so that you can give yourself a headstart when you begin playing!

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival adventure game developed by Pocketpair. In this game, you can befriend and collect mysterious beings called Pals. Pals can assist you in your day-to-day adventures, whether that involves fighting, farming or just tagging along as company. Also, if you wish, you can even sell them for money or slaughter them for food.

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Your adventures in the massive world of Pals involve securing enough food for yourself, fending yourself from illegal poachers, and building a shelter for harsh weather conditions. That said, once you’re all good on the basic resources, head out to the vast world and discover all there is to find. There are almost endless challenges to find, and grounds to cover!

One staple element of any survival game is the crafting system. And, of course, Palworld adds its unique touch to the crafting mechanism, which might be a little confusing at first. So, if you want a little bit of help and want to know everything there is to know about the crafting system then keep reading; we got you covered!

A Full Crafting Guide for Palworld

Basics of Crafting

The idea of crafting a workbench of sorts that can be used to further craft a wide array of items is not particularly new. But Palworld spices things up a bit in their approach. The game offers the player 9 different workbenches! Each, of course, is suited for crafting specific types of items only.

For example, one workbench is used for only crafting healing items, while another workbench is used for its capacity to craft healing items. Therefore, you must know which kind of workbench provides what crafting options.

Now that you have a basic idea of what differentiates the crafting mechanism of Palworld from other games, let’s dive deep into each of the workbenches.

1. The Primitive Workbench

Primitive Workbench Palworld

Probably the first workbench you will be building yourself is the Primitive Workbench. As the name suggests, only the most basic survival items are craftable through this workbench. But nonetheless, whatever items you’re able to craft using this workbench are vital for your first few days.

Here are a few items you can craft with the Primitive Workbench:

  1. Torches – 1x Wood, 1x Fiber
  2. Ropes – 2x Fiber
  3. Tent – 4x Wood, 2x Cloth
  4. Stone Axe – 5x Stone, 5x Wood
  5. Stone Pickaxe – 5x Stone, 5x Wood

2. The Weapon Workbench

The Weapon Workbench Palworld

As you can guess from the name, this workbench is only for crafting weaponry. The world of Pals is filled with both friendly and hostile Pals. Hence, it’s best to equip yourself with the strongest set of melee and ranged weapons so that you can defend yourself.

Some of the common weapons to craft in this bench are the following:

  1. Swords – 2x Metal, 1x Wood
  2. Bows – 2x Wood, 1x Fiber
  3. Spears – 1x Metal, 2x Wood

Also, it’s important to note that this is an electric-powered workstation. So this workbench needs to be connected to an electricity source.

3. The Medical Medicine Workbench

Medicine Workbench Palworld

This workbench is used specifically for crafting items that help you survive against opposition. Whether it be damage from poachers, hostile pals, or nature itself. This workbench, unlike the weapon workbench, does not require electricity to function.

Some of the most common craftable items of this workbench are:

  1. Bandages – 1x Cloth, 1x Honey
  2. Health Potions – 2x Herbs, 1x Water
  3. Antidotes – 1x Mushroom, 1x Water

4. The High-Quality Workbench

High Quality Workbench Palworld

Once you’ve put in a couple of hours into the game, you’ll gain access to the High-Quality Workbench. This electricity-powered workbench has the capacity to craft more advanced items than your standard primitive workbench.

Some of the common crafting options available for this workbench are:

  1. Jewelry – 2x Gold, 1x Gen
  2. Watch – 2x Metal, 1x Electronic
  3. Different Kinds of Arrows – 1x Stone, 1x Wood (Plus any additional item required for a specific kind of arrow.)

5. The Primitive Furnace

Primitive Furnace Palworld

Although not exactly a workbench, you still need it to get valuable usable metals like gold, copper, and iron. Why do you need to get these, you ask? Well, you need these precious materials to craft a wide array of useful tools and items. Not to mention that you can even craft more powerful tools and weapons with them.

Here are some of the most common crafting options:

  1. Iron – 2x Ore, 1x Coal
  2. Copper – 2x Ore, 1x Charcoal
  3. Tin – 2x Ore, 1x Wood.

6. The Crusher

The Crusher Palworld

The Crusher is used to transform hard-rocks into usable gravel, dust, sand, and other materials. Basically, a few items like concrete blocks, bricks, and hard rocks are not actually usable until you put them through the crusher.

Also, do keep in mind that you need a Pal with watering suitability to use a water-type move on the Crusher for it to work.

7. The Repair Bench

The Repair Bench Palworld

This bench ensures that the durability of your tools and weapons is always in good condition. All you need is electricity and a repair kit to fix your broken tools and gear. Here are some of the tools and weapons you can repair and what you need to do it:

  1. Repairing a Sword – 1x Metal, 1x Repair kit
  2. Repairing a Chestplate – 1x Leather, 1x Repair Kit

8. The Pal Gear Workbench

Pal Gear Workbench Palworld

The workbench that is used to craft the most sophisticated items is the Pal Gear Workbench. Use it to create the inventions of your dreams as you collect more and more rarer materials and explore new grounds. You’ll commonly need materials like metal, plastic, electronics, batteries, propellers, and wheels to craft most of the items. Here are some of the options you have.

  1. Robots – 4x Metal, 2x Plastic, 2x Electronics, 1x Battery
  2. Vehicles – 6x Metal, 4x Plastic, 4x Electronics, 2x Wheels

9. The Sphere Workbench

Sphere Workbench Palworld

Workbench specifically for making spheres for your little buddies. You can use the spheres to tame wild Pals, carry them somewhere, or even trade them with other players. Not only that, you can also craft special spheres that grant the Pals additional effects like heals and stat bonuses. And the Sphere Workbench is also electricity-powered.

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