All Legendary Pal Locations in Palworld

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Collecting a Legendary Pal is a huge bonus in Palworld, and here are the locations of all of them.

Palworld is a super fun game with so much to do across the map. A key feature is exploring this vast area and collecting different types of Pals. And among these, there are some of the strongest pals, tagged as the Legendary ones.

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Stashing a Legendary Pal can give you a major edge in the game. But these exclusive Pals only appear in later stages, once you’ve unlocked most of the areas. Currently, Palworld boasts four Legendary Pals. Let’s get to know each of them.

All Legendary Pals in Palworld


Jetragon Palworld
  • Type: Jetragon is a dragon-type Pal, and the first Legendary pal found in Palworld. Bringing an ice-type Pal from your Paldeck will be easier to defeat it.
  • Skills: Stone Blast, Ground Pound, Ignis Breath
  • Work Suitability: Gathering Lv. 3 (Gathering is used to harvest crops at farms).
  • Location: North side of the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point (left side of the map) and west from the Ruined Fortress City fast travel point.
  • Dropped Materials: Carbon Fiber, Diamond, Polymer, Pure Quartz.


Frostallion Palworld
  • Type: Frostallion is the Ice Element-type Legendary Pal.
  • Skills: (MODS are onto it!)
  • Work Suitability: Cooling Lv. 4 (Cooling is used to power Food Storage Units that prevent food from spoiling, like Refrigerators).
  • Location: Frostallion can be found on the north-western side of the map on the north-western side of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point. This fast-travel point is also the closest to this legendary pal’s location, so you have to fast-travel here and journey toward the Frostallion icon on the map.
  • Dropped Materials: Diamond, Ice Organ.

💡 NOTE: Frostallion is found at the ice region, so make sure to equip ice resistance before you head out to this location.

Necromus and Paladius

Necromus and Paladius Palworld
  • Type: Necromus and Paladius are two legendary Pals, the last ones on the list.
  • Skills: Active (Dark Laser, Twin Spears, Rock Lance), Passive (Legend, Lord of the Underworld)
  • Work Suitability: Lumbering Lv. 2 (Lumbering is used to cut down Trees and generate Wood and Fiber from Trees and Logging Sites), Mining Lv. 2 (Mining is used to mine Stone, Ore, and other relevant resources from mining nodes and Stone Pits).
  • Location: They can be found in the northeast part of the map on the north side of the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point. Get to this fast travel point and head over to the north side to find these legendary Pals by following their icons on the map.
  • Dropped Materials: Pal Metal Ingot, Diamond, Large Pal Soul

💡 NOTE: To capture them, you will need to fight both of them simultaneously.

Best Settings to Face a Legendary Pal

Custom settings are totally up to you. However, some of our mods seem to have agreed on the settings below to have a fine catch. Why don’t you have a go with it?

Best Settings to Face a Legendary Pal

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