How to Get Sulfur in Palworld

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How to Get Sulphur in Palworld

Check out this quick guide to find Sulphur in Palworld in no time!

Palworld offers more than just finding Pals. Explore thrilling adventures and assign tasks to your trustworthy Pals. While Pals are at the heart of the game, survival is also crucial. You can craft a wide range of materials to ensure your survival in this immersive world.

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In addition to that, you will need a plenty of raw materials now and then in Palworld. Sometimes, these raw materials might hard to come by and sometimes you might see these lying around. One such mateiral to look out for is Sulfur. With sulfur, not only you can craft powerful items and gears but also varieties of ammunition. Without a doubt, you will need to have a stash full of Sulfur every now and then. Hop in to learn more about Sulfur with us!

Where to Get Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur in the Dungeons

Sulfur is quite common to be found in the initial dungeons of the starting zones. These dungeons are filled with danger but also hold those precious deposits of yellowish Sulfur formations.

To mine Sulfur, equip yourself with a Metal Pickaxe or a higher-quality tool. Remember to come prepared, ensuring your safety by bringing along strong gear and strong Pals to counter. And that should be a matter of seconds.

Sulfur in the Dungeons

Sulfur in the Desert Biome

The desert biome is well known for the extreme heat and dry conditions. However, this biome also offers an excellent opportunities for mining Sulfur. Within these dry landscapes, there are plentiful deposits of sulfur and coal.

To mine Sulfur here, you will also need some precautions. Of course, start by equipping the Metal Pickaxe, better if you find one of a high tier. Additionally, keep in mind to wear heat protection armor to withstand the scorching temperatures of the desert. As you explore this remote biome, furthur ensure you have enough inventory space to stash all the sulfur you can find, as its location is often far from your base.

Location of dessert biome
Sulfur in the Dessert Biome

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