How You can Get the Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company

Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is how to get the Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company is one of the top-rated survival games on Steam right now. The game requires the players to take up a job for a company to sell scraps and earn profit for the company. Players must explore different moons and collect different scraps before the deadline day. Throughout their journey, they will face a lot of monsters and adversaries that will be obstructing their way in different ways.

In Lethal Company, you can earn an Overtime Bonus by completing certain criteria. However, attempting to earn this bonus can be a tough job for players who are relatively new to the game. Earning the Overtime Bonus will also require you to do some extra planning and make some strategies. In this guide, we will show you how to earn the Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company.

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Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company

An Overtime Bonus is the extra amount of credit that you will get for visiting the moon repeatedly before selling your scrap. To get the Overtime Bonus, you must fly to one moon constantly each day to be eligible for the bonus. However, staying on the same moon will not make you eligible to receive this bonus amount.

To ensure that you are getting the Overtime Bonus, make sure to come back to your ship before 17:00. After this time, dangerous monsters can spawn on the moon and make your survival even harder. So, come back to the ship with all your scrap and make your way to the orbit. Once you have reached the orbit, come back to the same moon again and start the next day.

In simple words, you must spend all three days exploring the same moon. But, you cannot stay on these moons for a very long time. After you have collected all the scraps from a moon for three days, go back to the company building and sell the items. You will get the Overtime Bonus once you have sold all your scraps. The more time you spend on the moon, the more Overtime Bonus you will receive.

However, attempting for an Overtime Bonus will require a lot of skill from the player’s side. As more and more land on the moon will increase the dangers. You also have to make sure that you are surviving properly on the dangerous moon. So, if you are confident enough about your survival on a certain moon, you are all good to try for an Overtime Bonus.

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