Outriders Worldslayer: A Complete Guide on Ascension Points

Here is how you get Ascension Points and use them in Outriders Worldslayer.

Outriders Worldslayer expansion pack brings new stuff for players to do and explore. In addition, this update brings a new way for you to get better at the game. A new system will allow you to progress even after finishing the game to help them improve their builds. Ths new system is called Ascension, and below, we have made a complete guide on everything you need to know regarding Ascension in Outriders Worldslayer.

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Complete Guide on Ascension Points

What are Ascension Points in Outriders Worldslayer

The question that arises first is what exactly is Ascension Points? So, after you are done with the game and wondering what to do in the game. Outriders will let you progress through to make your characters better by spending Ascension points. You can give your characters new skills and passive abilities by converting XP to Ascension points.

Each Ascension rank you go past will give you points to spend. There are four attributes which you can choose from to spend them. These attributes are Brutality, Anomaly, Endurance, and Prowess. Brutality here lets you increase the amount of damage you do. At the same time, Endurance increases your health, armor, and Resistance against attacks.

On the other hand, Prowess increases the accuracy of landing those sweet critical hits, lowering cooldowns and reload times. Lastly, Anomaly buffs up your abilities. Moreover, you can unlock around 20 passive abilities, which are divided among these four attributes. Players can also upgrade these passive abilities up to 10 times.

How to get Ascension Points

Outriders are full of activities that will grant your XP that you can turn into Ascension Point. There are different ranks inside Ascension, and you must work harder to surpass each rank. To Farm Ascension points, players can head to places with high enemy density and low health. Places like Boom Town, Scorched Lands, and New Horizon Expeditions are perfect to kill enemies and gain XP to get more Ascenszion points.

Moreover, the Brutal Trial of the Tarya Gratar Expedition is also a good place to get a good amount of loot and XP. Remember to kill all the enemies and bosses to rack up a good amount of XP in a short time.

All Ascension Passive Abilities list

The four Pass Abilities we have mentioned above have five different skills pass. Skills you can unlock and upgrade up to 10 times. First, to give you a clear idea about how this system works. Below we have made a complete list of all the abilities and how much boost they offer.

How to get Ascension Points
Credit- Square Enix

Brutality Passive Skills List

Passive Ability Name Boost at Level 1Boost at Level 10
Armor Pierce0.5% Increase in Armor Peirce10% Increase in Armor Pierce
Close Range Damage0.5% Increase in Close Range Damage 10% Increase in Close Range Damage
Long Range Damage0.5% Increase in Long Range Damage10% Increase in Long Range Damage
Weapon Damage0.5% Increase in Weapon Damage10% Increase in Weapon Damage
Weapon Leech0.1% increase in Weapon Leech5.5% Increase in Weapon Leech

Anomaly Passive Skills List

Passive Ability NameBoost at Level 1Boost at Level 10
Discrepancy Power0.5% Increase in Discrepancy Power10% Increase in Discrepancy Power
Resistance Pierce0.5% Increase in Resistance Pierce10% Increase in Resistance Pierce
Skill Leech0.5% Increase in Skill Leech10% Increase in Skill Leech
Position Strength0.5% Increase in Position Strength10% Increase in Position Strength
Discrepancy Damage0.5% Increase in Discrepancy Damage10% Increase in Discrepancy Damage

Endurance Passive Ability List

Passive Ability NameBoost at Level 1Boost at Level 10
Health0.5% Increase in Health10% Increase in Health
Shield0.5% Increase in Shield10% Increase in Shield
Received Treatment+0.1% increase in Received Treatment5.5% Increase in Received Treatment
Elite Damage Mitigation0.5% Increase in Elite Damage Mitigation5.5% Increase in Elite Damage Mitigation
Resistance0.5% Increase in Resistance10% Increase in Resistance

Prowess Passive Ability List

Passive Ability NameBoost at Level 1Boost at Level 10
Cooldown Time+0.1% increase in5.5% Increase in
Risk-taking+0.1% increase in5.5% Increase in
Critical Damage0.5% Increase in10% Increase in
Disadvantages against the Elite+0.1% increase in5.5% Increase in
Magazine Size+1% increase in25% Increase in

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