Outriders Worldslayer: Omens Quest Guide

Outriders let you explore its world with lots of Quests to do.

Players have new places to explore and loot, thanks to the new expansion pack introduced inside Outriders. Moreover, not just new Quest, players now even have a new system using which they can boost their character’s stats. So if you are wondering how to finish the Omen Quest inside the latest expansion pack, below we have made a complete guide on it.

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Complete Omen Quest Guide

After you start your journey in the newest Outriders Worldslayer expansion pack, your first expedition will be the Omen Quest. This Quest will give a short glimpse of what is about to come and what you can expect from the game. To start this Quest, you first have to talk with Channa and choose the “Let’s Travel to Glacier Edge” dialogue.

After you choose that, a small cutscene will be placed, and you will head to a new location inside the Last Pod. From the start of the Quest, you will have to defeat enemies, including a giant monster. Remember to dodge his attacks and hit him when you are in the clear zone. He is pretty slow, so this fight is easy if you are quick on your feet. After you kill all the enemies, go Access the Pod.

 Complete Omen Quest Guide
Credit- Square Enix

Once you enter the Pod, a cutscene will play, and you will get to know what is coming is not good, and the landscape will change. Now you will have to follow the voices of your crew and find them throughout the map.

As you follow the voices, you will find yourself in fights, and eventually, you will come across a cave. Here you will have to fight another giant monster, and after you defeat him, lift the boulder to regroup with your crew finally.

Now from here on, you will have to head over to Rift town by going to the blue Truck and following the path on the map. After you get inside the Truck, a cutscene will play, and you will go to Rift Town. However, there will be no enemies. Players will have to locate Shira and talk to her. After that, a cutscene will play, and the Quest will end.

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