One Piece Odyssey: All Challenge Cube Locations

One Piece Odyssey has many different challenge cubes you can use to go against different bosses. Here are all the locations for them in the game.

One Piece Odyssey is a game where they use the old story of One Piece to tell a new story for the game. This adventure takes place just before the whole cake island arc. In the game, the straw hat crew gets trapped in a storm and lands on a mysterious island.

The island takes away their ability but they retain their memory. Now our goal is to use the island’s power to re-live the story of One Piece and regain the lost power so that we can finally escape from this island. So we go through different islands modeled after different arcs of One Piece.

Challenge cubes show up on different islands as a side activity for the player to do. Using this cube will initiate a boss fight with one of the well-known boss characters. So here are all the challenge cube locations in the game.

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All Challenge Cube Locations in One Piece Odyssey

There are total 11 challenge cubes you can find throughout the story of the game. Here is a list of all of their locations:

Sl No.Boss NameLocation
1SmokerAlabasta: Alubarna Ravine, Desert Near Alubarna
2Bon ClayAlabasta: Alubarna – North of the map
3CrocodileAlabasta: Alubarna Royal Mausoleum near the poneglyph
4KakuWater 7: Tower of Law
5Rob LucciWater 7: Deep Sewers – South of the map
6AokijiMarineford: Ox Plaza Bell
7KizaruMarineford: Ox Plaza Bell
8AkainuMarineford: Ox Plaza Bell
9BurgessDressrosa: Coliseum Path, Dressrosa City Area
10HakubaDressrosa: New Royal Plateau on the 2nd Level 
11DoflamingoDressrosa: New Royal Plateau Sunflower Field on top
All Challenge Cube Locations

These are all the challenge cubes you can find in the game. Make sure to defeat each boss for some good rewards.

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