Omen had over 95% pick rate during VALORANT’s First Strike tournament

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT’s first-ever major tournament proved to be a home run for Riot Games as live viewership for top regions like NA reached up to 300k.

During the agent selection menu, one thing really stood out as Omen had a 95% pick rate across all the major regions combined. Only Japan had a pick rate of 90%. Based on the data from, all the other regions favored Omen immensely.

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Omen was never at top of any major tier list since VALORANT’s closed beta. However, things seem to have changed a lot as some really creative players were able to unleash the full might of this agent.

Valorant Omen pick rate during tournaments
Image via Riot Games

Omen pick rate during First Strike

Omen is an agent tailor-made for lurkers. Consequently, all those professional players from Counter-Strike who used to be good at lurking got even better after making a switch to Valorant. All the tools at Omen’s arsenal make it easier for him to silently move around the map. This alongside his team focused utilities like smokes and flashes mean Omen can also be helpful to his teammates if needed.

Teams like 100T, the winners of the First Strike NA showcased some amusing lurk plays with Omen. Having a really good Omen on your team can create massive pressure on your opponents.

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VALORANT’s agent usage seems to be in a pretty balanced state right now. Although some agents are still getting more exposure than their counterparts. All in all, the agent balance seems to be in a decent place right now.

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