Nvidia Geforce feature unintentionally removes the flash effect from VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Popular graphics driver software feature from Nividia has an unintentional reaction to utilities in VALORANT.

In a tactical shooter like VALORANT, utilities such as flashes are really important while dueling with opponents. Proper use of flashes is crucial to execute strategies or to just stop an execution from happening while being a defender.

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Basically, flashes are used to blind opponents momentarily to get some easy kills. But this Geforce software filter literally removed the blinding effects of flashes in the game.

How this Geforce filter removes the flash effect from VALORANT

One savvy player figured out that using the Geforce “Remove HUD” game filter, players become completely immune to all flashes except near sights.

Based on the clip so far, it seems like the filter unintentionally removed the blinding effects altogether. As VALORANT is a really competitive tactical shooter with a growing Esports scene, having such a competitive advantage via a game filter might ruin the competitive integrity of the game.

Riot has not mentioned any upcoming fix for this exploit yet, as of writing. However, based on the critical nature of this exploit, Riot should come up with a patch fairly soon. Third-party software usually doesn’t play nice with Riot’s anti-cheat solution called “Vanguard” which was specifically developed for VALORANT.

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Therefore using this game filter to gain an unfair advantage may end in a ban. So, it is best to not use this feature until Riot comes up with a proper fix.

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