VALORANT fans believe that KAY/O shares Brimstone’s memory

The VALORANT community is speculating a theory about some sort of connection between KAY/O and Brimstone.

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KAY/O is the 17th agent in the VALORANT agent pool. Even though the agent has been publicly out for just 2 days, some fans are already busy theorizing about KAY/O’s background & origin. VALORANT’s lore is shrouded in mystery; ever since Riot dropped their first cinematic trailer, “DUELISTS”, fans have been constantly bringing theories about the lore. 

A recently surfaced theory about KAY/O’s memory is pretty much painted by the developers themselves. Two agent cards released by Riot games seemingly contain some crucial details about KAY/O and Brimstone.  According to Redditor Damian_Howl, the Brimstone agent card called ‘No One Gets Left Behind’ has an embedded message. 

Similarly, KAY/O’s agent card, the ‘Memory Log Card’ reflects Brimstone’s card as they both have identical silhouettes. Damian_Howl fortified also pointed out that KAY/O received data from an unknown source or agent in the release trailer. Brimstone can also be heard saying, “Get a move on agent” at the beginning of the trailer, which somewhat strengthens this particular theory. 

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During the “DUALITY” trailer, Riot clearly showed the existence of a parallel world. So, even if KAY/O had Brimstone’s memory, it will be tough to determine exactly which Brimstone provided KAY/O with such intelligence or memory. Apart from Damian_Howl’s theory, one voice line from the new agent somewhat confirms his connection with Brimstone, which says, “Your second chance, Brimstone. I won’t fail you again”. Nonetheless, Riot is yet to disclose anything about this particular fan theory.  

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