No more rank restrictions in flex queue from patch 10.15

From the upcoming patch, there will be no more rank restrictions in the flex queue so that friends can enjoy League of Legends without having to worry about their rank.

Previously, the flex queue had its own raking restrictions system similar to the solo queue. As the normal mode is not that competitive and flex have rank restrictions many players were complaining to Riot that there is no game mode to practice as a team competitively or practice for the clash in general. As a result, Riot told the fans they will bring change to the flex queue.

And now today, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed on the latest dev post that they will be no more rank restrictions in the flex queue and changes are coming in patch 10.15.

“On the whole we think this better serves the queue to be more accessible to groups that want to test their skills even if it creates more games with a wide spread of ranks,” Riot Scruffy said.

As the unrestricted rank system in Clash had a huge success, Riot is now bringing this to Flex as well. But similar to Clash, Flex queue will prioritize the highest-ranked player in the team. So if your silver and teaming up with a Master player, expect to see high skilled players in the enemy team as well.

This new change will definitely bring competitiveness in the lower Elo players as they will be able to improve their skill playing against high Elo players. Although many players are wondering how balance the matchmaking will be. Regardless its a great change and will go into the live servers on patch 10.15.


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