Nexus Siege and Dark Star game modes are “unlikely” to return in League of Legends

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Nexus Siege and Dark Star game mode are very unlikely to ever return in League of Legends, Riot Games confirms.

After the retirement of the Dominion game mode back in 2016, Riot Games introduced a new rotating game mode called Nexus Siege. Nexus Siege had a two-sided game mode, an attacking team, and a defending team. Even though the mode seemed enjoyable, it never really came back to League of Legends after 2017.

On the other hand, Dark Star: Singularity was another rotating game mode that also appeared in League of Legends back in 2017. In the game mode, players played as Thresh to hook and flay enemies into the Dark Star.

But, due to the lack of popularity, both the Nexus Siege and Dark Star game mode unofficially “retired” from League of Legends.

However, after all these years, League players are still asking if they are going to see game modes like Nexus Siege and Dark Star ever again. And replying to the questions Riot Reinboom did explain why Riot is not bringing the modes in League of Legends.

Nexus Siege
Nexus Siege Via Riot Games

Regarding Nexus Siege, Riot Reinboom said, “Nexus Siege is unlikely to ever return.” Furthermore, the game mode was a “very high cost” to upkeep. But the main reason that the Nexus Siege is not returning is “it wasn’t really that popular” and due to the “game reset” part of it.

However, regarding Dark Star: Singularity mode, Riot Reinboom hasn’t confirmed anything for certain. According to them, it was effectively a “1-weekend mode” and got “old fast”. Except Riot Reinboom did mention that it will “definitely not return anytime soon”, but they would love to be able to “capture some aspect of it again eventually.”

Previously, Riot also explained why there are no more game modes like Odyssey or Star Guardian anymore in League of Legends. And based on all their early replies, it seems like for a game mode to continuously run in League of Legends, it needs to have a lot of playtimes just like URF.

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