Newcastle’s Pick Rate Has Dropped Significantly Since His Release in Apex Legends

Newcastle was one of the highest-picked characters at the beginning of the Season. However, Newcastle’s popularity dropped significantly after only about a month and a half of his debut.

Newcastle made his entry into the outlands in Season 13. His abilities attracted both casual and professional Apex players to try him out. With the Ranked Reloaded change and Storm Point tweaks, Newcastle initially created a strong impression amongst the community.

Though it is not uncommon for new legends to hold the top pick rate spots after their debut, most characters fail to hold their position merely after a week or so. However, Newcastle seemed different from other legends as he managed to hold a decent pick rate for about a month. Additionally, many players even considered him as a “broken character” who needed a nerf. However, recent data shows otherwise.

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Newcastle’s Drastic Pick Rate Drop

Only about a month and a half has passed since Season 13 was released. Newcastle, who once was a very popular character at the beginning of Season 13, now has one of the lowest pick rates in the game. To be more precise, he is now the third least picked character in the game.

The data also shows that his pick rate dropped by about 17.23% since his release. Most players still think Newcastle is a good Legend. So, what caused him to lose his popularity suddenly?

The change in the Ranked system might be a crucial factor behind his low pick rate. People all across the rank distribution have changed their playstyle. Aceu also believes that the new Ranked system is too boring because most players are playing safe in buildings and waiting for the late game only.

So, Legends like Newcastle do not fit in the meta. Even Gilbraltar’s pick rate has dropped to 2.5% in this split. Also, players are switching to casual BR because of uneven rank distribution. Most players do not prefer defensive characters in pubs. So, normally the pick rate of defensive characters is following a downward trend, and Newcastle is not an exception.

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