How to Unlock New Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Overwhelmed by the choices in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Let’s look at how to unlock new vocations and which vocation is right for you.

Each vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a distinct combat style, unique abilities, and specific equipment. In this guide, I’ll delve into everything you need to know on how to unlock new vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. I’ll also mention the pros and cons of each vocation so that you can find the right fit for your play style.

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How to Unlock New Vocations

Here’s what you need to know about unlocking new vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Fighter, Archer, Mage, and Thief

Fighter, Archer, Mage, and Thief in Dragon's Dogma 2
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You’ll have access to these four vocations right from the start. When you create your character, you must choose one of them as your initial vocation. Don’t worry, though, you can change vocations anytime by visiting a Vocation Guild or Inn.

Vocation Guild in Dragon's Dogma 2
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But, you must spend 100 Discipline Points (Dcp) to acquire the starting vocations.

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Warrior and Sorcerer

Warrior and Sorcerer in Dragon's Dogma 2
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To unlock the Warrior and Sorcerer vocations, you’ll need to head to Vernworth, the capital city. Speak to the Vocation Guild receptionist there, and they’ll send you on a quest called “Vocation Frustration.”

Your task?

How to unlock Warrior and Sorcerer in Dragon's Dogma 2
Image Credit: CAPCOM

Find a greatsword and an archistaff hidden away in Trevo Mine, just northwest of the city. Explore the mine, locate those weapons in separate chests, and bring them back. Bam! You’ve now unlocked Warrior and Sorcerer.

Mystic Spearhand

Mystic Spearhand in Dragon's Dogma 2
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You have a few chances to unlock this one. First, during the “Readvent of Calamity” quest in Melve, you’ll encounter a warrior named Sigurd aiding in the defense against a dragon attack. Stick around after the battle and chat with him — he’ll teach you the ways of the Mystic Spearhand.

How to unlock Mystic Spearhand in Dragon's Dogma 2
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If you miss him there, you can find Sigurd later in Harve Village or even at Dragonsbreath Tower deep in the southwest jungles. Wherever you cross paths, a friendly conversation unlocks this vocation.

Magick Archer

Magick Archer in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Make your way down to the volcanic Agamen Island in the far south. Once there, you’ll meet a dwarf named Gautstafr, who tasks you with the “Put a Spring in Thy Step” quest.

Locate Gautstafr
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Help him out by escorting him to the nearby hot springs, and his elven wife Cliodhna will reveal herself as a Magick Archer. She’ll happily share her secrets with you, unlocking this powerful vocation.

Unlocking the Magick Archer vocation
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Trickster in Dragon's Dogma 2
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As you progress through the main story in Battahl, you’ll eventually receive a quest called “Flickering Shadows.” One of the objectives is to speak to an Oracle named Luz.

Talk to Luz
Image Credit: CAPCOM

Her shrine is located northeast of Bakbattahl, the desert nation’s capital. Pay her a visit, have a chat, and she’ll grant you the Trickster vocation on the spot.

Unlock the Trickster vocation
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Warfarer in Dragon's Dogma 2
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You’ll need to reach the Volcanic Island Camp Hot Springs for this one. There, you’ll find a drunkard named Lamond who craves some “Newt Liqueur.”

Talk to Lamond
Image Credit: CAPCOM

Fetch him three bottles of this rare brew — you can craft it, purchase it discreetly in Bakbattahl, or find it in a few scattered locations.

Newt Liqueur location
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Once you’ve satisfied Lamond’s thirst, he’ll teach you the ways of the highly versatile Warfarer vocation.

Choose Which Vocation is Right for You

I’ll mention pros and cons of every vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, so that you can find out which class is right for you.


Formidable defense with sturdy shields and heavy armorLimited mobility and vulnerability against airborne enemies
Excels in close-quarters combat, delivering powerful strikesRelies solely on physical damage, lacking magical abilities
Can parry attacks and perform counterattacks with precise timingHeavy equipment strains stamina reserves
High stagger damage, frequently knocking foes off-balance
Pros and cons of Fighter vocation


Unparalleled ranged combat prowess with bowsStruggles in confined spaces with limited line of sight
Can exploit enemy weaknesses from a safe distanceLacks defensive options when overwhelmed at close range
Evasive maneuvers allow for strategic repositioningDepletes ammunition resources relatively quickly
Effective against airborne foes, negating their mobility advantage
Pros and cons of archer


Versatile spellcasting with offensive, defensive, and supportive magicFragile constitution, ill-suited for direct confrontations
Access to invaluable healing spells, sustaining alliesLimited stamina pool, restricting sustained spellcasting
Can imbue weapons with elemental damage for enhanced potencyReliance on casting times leaves them vulnerable during combat
Levitation ability grants access to hard-to-reach areas
Pros and cons of Mage


Unmatched agility and evasiveness on the battlefieldLacks defensive capabilities against powerful foes
Swift strikes and counterattacks exploit opponent’s openingsIneffective against airborne enemies without climbing assistance
Excels at dealing high damage to downed foesLimited to physical damage without enchanted weapons
Can climb larger enemies, exposing vulnerabilities
Pros and cons of Thief


Wields immense two-handed weapons for devastating blowsSluggish movement and attack speed, requiring precise timing
Incredible strength and resilience, withstanding heavy attacksStruggles against agile, airborne adversaries
Charged attacks inflict massive damage and stagger foesReliance on physical damage limits versatility
Capable of equipping the heaviest armor for maximum defense
Pros and cons of Warrior


Unleashes overwhelming magical barrages with archistavesExtended cast times leave them vulnerable during combat
Spells boast broad areas of effect, decimating groups of foesFragile constitution due to light armor and low health pool
Can exploit elemental weaknesses for amplified damage outputLimited defensive options when swarmed by enemies
Unique “Galvanize” ability swiftly replenishes stamina
Pros and cons of Sorcerer

Mystic Spearhand

Blends physical and magical damage for versatile offenseHigh stamina consumption limits sustained combat efficiency
Rapid, extended attack combos leave foes overwhelmedLacks instantaneous defensive options when surrounded
Can temporarily slow enemies with unique magic abilitiesMastering the vocation’s intricacies requires dedicated practice
Moderate armor and mobility strike a balanced approach
Pros and cons of Mystic Spearhand

Magick Archer

Ranged and magical attacks provide flexible combat optionsStruggles in confined spaces that restrict line of sight
Can exploit enemy weaknesses with elemental damageLacks defensive capabilities when engaged at close range
Supports allies with healing and supportive magicDividing focus between ranged and magical abilities
Attack lock-on ensures accurate strikes against mobile targets
Pros and cons of Magick Archer


Manipulates the battlefield with illusions and phantasmsIneffective at direct damage output, relying heavily on allies
Can turn foes against each other through deceptionLacks defensive options when swarmed by enemies
Buffs allies and debuffs enemies for tactical advantagesLimited impact in shorter battles against lesser foes
Excels at trivializing challenging encounters with clever tactics
Pros and cons of Trickster


Unmatched versatility, capable of wielding any weapon typeOverall lower stats compared to specialized vocations
Can adapt combat style on the fly to suit any situationLimited to a maximum of three core skills from other vocations
Passively ranks up all unlocked vocations simultaneouslyCannot access ultimate skills from other vocations
Equips the lightest weapon, minimizing stamina strain
Pros and cons of Warfarer

So, are you ready to start your journey of unlocking every vocation, Arisen? The path may be difficult, but with determination and a keen eye for adventure, you’ll soon wield the full might of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s combat disciplines.

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