New Rune Shard Changes In LoL Patch 14.2

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Riot will bring significant changes to rune shard slots in Lol Patch 14.2.

League of Legends season 2024 is filled with a massive number of changes in every sector of the game. Map, Baron, items, ranked, etc., were some of the major highlights in the almost unending list of changes. But they haven’t stopped there. As patch 14.2 is just a week ahead, Riot has revealed its plans for changes to runes.

Runes in Lol are a major component of a champion’s build and playstyle. Runes can dictate for you the optimal way of itemization and how to make trades.

For example, if you choose Lethal Tempo rune path on Kai’sa, it is imperative that you play to get in as many auto-attacks as possible to utilize the attack speed steroid. On the other hand, if you go Arcane Comet, you would benefit more from an AP build since they have synergy in AP scaling.

Besides primary and secondary trees, there are also three minor runes. These are called rune shards. Each of the three slots allows you to choose different stats.

As of now, the first slot offers either Adaptive force (bonus AD or AP, depending on the champion), ability haste, or 10% bonus attack speed. The second slot again offers adaptive force, but the other two options are armor or magic resist. Slot 3 offers you the choice between either flat health, armor, or magic resist.

However, these attributes are going to be moderately changed from Lol Patch 14.2. In this article, I will be highlighting those changes for your ease.

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Rune shards as of patch 14.1
image credit: riot games

Rune Shard Changes Coming in Patch 14.2

  1. Move Speed rune: As you can see below, the 2nd slot doesn’t show armor and magic resistance anymore. Instead, you have to move speed, health, and adaptive force. The health rune will give you 10-150 HP, depending on the level of your champion. Move speed was initially +2.5%. But later it was decided to make it 2% only.
Rune shards from patch 14.2
image credit: riot games and spideraxe

2. Removal of Armor and Magic Resist: Just like in the 2nd slot, the 3rd slot, which used to offer defensive options, doesn’t have armor and MR shards anymore.

Overall, these changes will encourage players to play more offensively. The lack of armor and MR shards may demotivate a lot of tank champions. But then again, the new items are oddly in their favor. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out in real matches.

When will the New Rune Shards Changes be Live?

All the aforementioned changes with the rune shards will be online from patch 14.2, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

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