New LoL Item Hubris That Will Inflate An Assassin’s Ego

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The new Assassin item Hubris rewards aggressive kills and has snowballing effects like Mejais.

League of Legends season 2024 gameplay trailer might only be 7 minutes long. But the list is way too long. The trailer primarily highlights the massive map changes, New Baron designs (plural), Void Objectives, Mountable Shelly, etc. However, in terms of quantity, the items have received the most significant changes.

The highly debated mythic system is gone for good. They also took away with them items such as Luden’s Tempest, Everfrost, Nighharvester, Galeforce, and others that came together when the mythic items were introduced.

Not only did the mythic items go away, but they replaced them with new gifts for each of the champion classes. And every single one has exciting passives and utility. Cryptbloom, Terminus, Malignance, and Profane Hydra (new hydra item) are just a few among many. Each item has very unique and creative passives, with

However, in this article, I will be covering another item for Assassins, named ‘Hubris’.

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Hubris Item Description

image credit: riot games
  • Total Cost: 3000 gold
  • Item Recipe: Serrated Dirk + Caulfield’s Warhammer + 900 gold
  • 60 Attack Damage
  • 18 Lethality
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • Passive – Ego: When you kill an enemy champion, you are granted a statue of yourself.
  • Passive – Eminence: When a champion that you have damaged within the last 3 seconds dies, gain 10 (+1 per Statue) Attack Damage for 60 seconds.

Ego Plays Can Be Rewarding With Hubris

Even though it looks like a generic Lethality item, its ‘Ego’ and ‘Eminence’ passive effects make it quite unique.

Ego basically entails that you get a statue of yourself with each takedown. This is analogous to getting stacks in Mejais Souleater and similar items.

As you accumulate statues, you will be getting more and more bonus damage from ‘Eminence’. When a champion you have damaged within the last 3 seconds dies, you get 10 base + 1 per statue Attack Damage. This bonus AD lasts for 60 seconds.

What’s really great about this item is that you don’t need to kill the enemy yourself to achieve this. Even if you get an assist, you can get more statues as long as the enemy dies within 3 seconds of your damage.

This is a great snowballing item that scales as you get stronger through kills. Even though it is quite similar to Mejais Souleater, there is one key difference. Upon your own death, the statues will not be gone. That’s why the statue increment is slow as opposed to its high-risk-high-reward mage counterpart.

I think one of the indirect results of this item will cause Assassin champion players to roam more for kills. This item has a huge potential for early-game AD champs. We know how AD is a consistent source of damage. And with such an amp, it won’t be surprising if even Marksman Champions start building this.

Hubris Release Date

Hubris, along with all the new items, will arrive in League of Legends in Patch 14.1, set to be released in early January 2024.

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