Get New LoL Fighter Item Nitro Hexaegis To Spam Juicy Ultimates

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

New Fighter Item Nitro Hexaegis will buff your champion with Attack and Movement Speed steroids upon casting Ultimate Ability.

As Patch 13.24 drops on 6th December, we are officially nearing the last update of League of Legends season 2023. Meanwhile, the community is already hyped for the new season thanks to the season 2024 spotlight, which showcases a plethora of game-altering changes.

Among other big news, the list of new items to be brought into the game is quite long. You may already know that Riot has decided to part ways with the controversial Mythic items. Some of the iconic items, such as Luden’s Echo and Duskblade of Draktharr, have also bid farewell. But, they have opened the doorway for the new generation of items with exciting perks.

With the new season, Riot has devised a long list of new items for almost every class of champions. For the fighter class, Nitro Hexaegis is quite an interesting one for its huge potential. In this article, I will describe what it does and how it will awaken the fighter within you.

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Nitro Hexaegist Item Description

  • Total Cost: 3000 gold
  • Item Recipe: Tunneler + Noonquiver + 600 gold
  • 55 Attack Damage
  • 20% Attack Speed
  • 300 Health
  • Passive: Gain 30 ultimate ability haste.
  • Passive: After casting your ultimate, gain 35% attack speed and 15% bonus movement speed for 7 seconds.

Most of the stats here are quite standard for fighter items. Decent AD with attack speed and health, the entire bruiser package. 3000 gold seems like a pretty good price point. Although looking at the passives, it may seem quite a steal.

How Good is Nitro Hexaegis?

At first glance, the item seems pretty solid. However, the second ultimate is quite interesting, as is the case with most new items of season 2024. This is a recurring pattern where the new items have really creative and unique effects as their second passive. This feels like a more well-thought-out version of mythic items.

For Nitro Hexaegis, both the passives are designed to make your combat Ultimate ability-oriented. The 30-ability haste is quite good for spamming your R. This opens the door for ability-focused Fighter builds with Ultimate Hunter and other haste runes.

The next passive is the cake here. It essentially gives your champion a 7 seconds buff in terms of attack speed and movement speed. 35% and 15% bonus respectively.

So, imagine a Sett with 30+ ability haste (and haste from runes and other items) spamming that R everywhere on the map. Also, imagine Lee Sin, Jarvan IV, Vi, and others who already feel very over-tuned when conditions are right. With this item, their ultimate will be even scarier. Squishies, beware!

And if you thought, ‘Oh, my team will kill them after they use the Ultimate on a useless member’, then just remember that they will still have a 7-second steroid in terms of Attack Speed and Movement speed. Will you get their HP low? No problem. They can just run away with the speed. And they still have decent HP? Then they will just use that Attack Speed, along with probably life steal, to continue being a menace.

This item should be quite effective on the aforementioned champions and others who have great ultimate and some special effect on-hit. For example, Armor reduction from Vi’s W upon consuming 3rd stack. Xin Zhao also has a knock-up with Q+auto attacks. This attack speed buff will only make their lives much easier.

Overall, this will be a game changer for AD fighters with great Ultimate while giving them more safety and aggressiveness upon the ability’s cast.

Nitro Hexaegis Release Date

Nitro Hexaegis, along with all the new items, will arrive in League of Legends in Patch 14.1 and is set to be released in early January 2024.

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