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The next champion coming to LoL, Aurora, has a new Teaser out before her release.

Riot is preparing to release a new champion in League of Legends soon. The last champion to come out was Smolder, who has had a tumultuous time in the game. With him being in a decent state at this point, Riot is looking forward for the next champion.

As mentioned a while back, the next champion is a Vastayan character. She has now been revealed to be Aurora, a Vastayan Mage with a new teaser out. SkinSpotlights made a video on the teaser to give everyone a first look at her story.

YouTube video

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Aurora Teaser

The teaser looks like an in-game client Event called The Spirit of the Hearth Home featuring Aurora and Ornn. It depicts the story of how Aurora came to Ornn’s forge to help a creature in need. Ornn’s relationship with Aurora deepens as they become friends and Ornn makes her a wand.

Hence, that seems to be the origin story of Aurora and how she came to be in Demacia. There is still a lot to be uncovered for Aurora such as her gameplay and more of the backstory. However, for now, it seems she is a Mage character that is expected to be in the top lane.

As for when Aurora is coming out, she is coming in the Summer event along with the new Anima Squad skins in Patch 14.13 or Patch 14.14. We will update on that when we know more.

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