New LoL Skin Tier Revealed – Transcendent

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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In the new PBE update, the two new skins for Ahri have been labeled as Transcendent in LoL

Riot has been talking about introducing a new skin tier in League of Legends for a while. While there were plenty of rumors as to where the tier itself would place in the hierarchy, there was no definitive answer.

However, with the new skins inserted in PBE, it seems we finally have an answer, as Riot is introducing the Transcendent tier. Here is all the info so far.

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Transcendent Tier

So, the two new Ahri skins, Risen Legend Ahri and Immortalized Legend Ahri are the first Transcendent tier cosmetics. The tier itself is above the ultimate rarity, which means this will be the new skin with the highest ranking available.

Now as to what qualifies as a Transcendent tier skin is still unknown as the effects and such are yet to be properly explored and analyzed for key differences.

How To Get Transcendent Tier Skins?

This is a bigger question, as it currently seems like the only way to get these skins is via the individual bundles. Both Bundles cost a whole lot of RP: 5430 for Risen Legend Ahri and 32430 for both skins.

They are extremely expensive even with all the extra stuff you get. Also, it seems this tier of skins will be limited to time only as well. So, it feels like a really strange situation to be in for a skin collector.

Hopefully, Riot will provide more pathways to get Transcendent tier skins directly.

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