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Image Credit: Riot Games

To celebrate Faker’s Career, Riot is inducting him into the Hall of Legends and giving us multiple Ahri Skins.

Hall of Legends has been introduced for League of Legends as Faker is the first inductee. Riot plans to do these inductions once a year for a singular player. Some may argue that it is way too low, and I personally agree. But that is a conversation for another day.

Focusing on celebrating Faker’s Legacy, Riot is rolling out a lot of content. They are introducing multiple Ahri skins and a LeBlanc skin alongside a 100 Level Pass. In this article, let’s focus on those Ahri skins and lay out how you get them.

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All The Hall of Legends Ahri Skins

Based on the Hall of Legends website, the Ahri skins are Risen Legend Ahri, Immortalized Legend Ahri, and the Signature version. From the looks of it, it seems like the Signature version is an addition to the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin.

Risen Legend Ahri

Splash Art

Risen Legend Ahri
Image Credit: Riot Games


Risen Legend Collection
Image Credit: Riot Games

To get Risen Legend Ahri, you have to buy the Risen Legend Collection Bundle, which costs 5430 RP. The details for that bundle are as follows.

  • Hall of Legends Pass
  • Risen Legend Ahri Skin
  • Takedown Counter Taunt
  • Ahri (Champion)
  • Exclusive Border
  • Exclusive Icon & Emote

Immortalized Legend Ahri

Splash Art

Immortalized Legend Ahri
Image Credit: Riot Games


Immortalized Legend Collection
Image Credit: riot Games

Like the Risen Legend Collection, to get Immortalized Legend Ahri, you need to buy the Immortalized Legend Collection at 32430 RP. Here are the details.

  • Immortalized Legend Ahri Skin
  • Exclusive Structure Finisher VFX
  • Exclusive Champion Finisher VFX
  • Custom Visual Announcer
  • Unique Skin Transformations
    • 3 Demon King Forms at 3 levels with Unique Voiceover.
  • Demon’s Chose Transformation with Demon King HUD During Ultimate
  • Risen Legend Collection
  • Holographic Immortalized Splash Art
  • Dynamic Profile Background
  • Immortalized Border
  • Exclusive Icon and Emote

That is a lot of stuff, but the price is still a lot. The Transformations are at level breakpoints so that is fun for a skin effect.

Signature Ahri

Signature Ahri

This one is more of an addition to Immortalized Ahri and appears to be an upgrade of sorts. To get this version, you have to buy the Signature Immortalized Legend Collection at a whopping 59260 RP. Here are the details.

  • Signature Ahri Skin Upgrades:
    • Faker’s Signature Move (Ctrl + 5 in-game)
    • Faker’s Structure Finisher
  • “Final Boss Faker” Title
  • Signature Immortalized Banner
  • Signature Banner
  • Signature Splash Art (Ahri and LeBlanc)
  • Immortalized Legend Collection
  • 100 Pass Levels
  • Risen Legend LeBlanc Paragon Chroma
  • SKT T1 Zed, Ryze, & Syndra Paragon Chromas
  • Exclusive Icon and Emote.

So this Bundle will add unique animations to the Immortalized Legend Collection and some other stuff.

Release Date

All these skins and versions for Ahri are coming in Patch 14.12 on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

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