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Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot unveiled the induction of Faker to the LoL Hall of Legends as skins and events are to follow.

Faker is one of the most accomplished mid laners in League of Legends History. His contributions on the Rift are astounding while creating a fan base that supports him and T1. Winning as recently as Worlds 2023, Faker has already cemented his legacy.

His induction was announced and unveiled, as there are many things coming for fans to enjoy. This means more cosmetics, an Event pass and more. Let’s talk about all of that.

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Hall of Legends: Faker Event

First, let’s talk about the event. There has been information flooding in as there will be an In-Game Event Pass for the Hall of Legends Induction of Faker. Also, there are some rumors that it could be a new type of Battle Pass, where you can earn more goodies. This was mentioned and revealed by BigBadBear.

As to what goodies we will get and such, that is completely unknown. It should be related to Faker’s journey through his career so far. So expect a bunch of cosmetic items, barring skins, to be part of this event.

Hall of Legends: Faker Skins

So far, we know there will be Ahri and LeBlanc skins. A lot of details surrounding the Ahri skin have come out. It will have two different versions with a potential Quest system to upgrade one skin to another. BigBadBear lays out the details for this system.

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Essentially, you buy the first skin, and then you upgrade it by playing the game with the skins and such. The exact details will be revealed soon. So, in essence, the skins we are getting from the Hall of Legends: Faker Induction are as follows.

  • Risen Legend Ahri Version 1
  • Risen Legend Ahri Version 2
  • Hall of Legends Leblanc skin.

Release For The Event And Skins

We are not sure exactly when these skins are coming out but we would assume they are coming out in Patch 14.12 on June 14, 2024. However, the cosmetic content should come to PBE fairly soon, so we will be able to provide more details.

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