Nerfs Coming To Galeforce, Jax, Milio & Others in Patch 13.14

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Riot is yet again nerfing more Junglers in this patch.

The Patch 13.14 preview for League of Legends is out; from the looks of it, it is coming with some massive changes.

Firstly we are getting even more changes to Jungle Champions. Strong champions like Rek’Sai, Hecarim, Kindred, and Rengar are getting nerfed in the patch. Also, Riot is buffing some of the underpower champions like Diana, Shaco, Shyvana, and Volibear. In addition, Jungle treats are also getting buffed.

Furthermore, Mages such as Xerath, Lissandra, and Zyra are getting buffed. Along with these changes, some of the items, such as Spear of Shojin, Axion Arc, and Prowler’s Claw, are getting buffed as well.

But, most importantly, the new Darkin assassin Naafiri is coming with the latest Soul Fighter skins.

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Patch 13.14 Nerfs

Champion Nerfs

Here are all the nerfs coming in patch 13.14.


  • W Bonus Resistances: 15-35 >>> 10-30

The Hecarim is currently a strong champion but not enough to get nerfed. However, Riot is buffing the items Spear of Shojin on the patch, which will indirectly buff Hecarim. So, to compensate for the indirect buffs, they are nerfing some of his stats.


  • E Cooldown: 14-8 >>> 15-9 – R
  • Mana Cost: 50 >>> 100

Jax is being nerfed due to the same reason as Hecarim. Because Spear of Shojin is being buffed, Riot is nerfing Jax as a precaution.


  • Q Damage: 45/62.5/80/97.5/115 (Doubled when isolated) >>> 43/61/79/97/115 (Doubled when isolated)
  • Q Monster Mod: 95% >>> 100%
  • E Mana Refund: 15/25/35/45/55 >>> 10/20/30/40/50

Karthus Botlane has been a very strong pick for a while now, but due to its low pick rate, it wasn’t nerfed. But now that Karthus Botlane’s play rate has increased significantly, it is finally being nerfed.


  • Health: 580 >>> 610 – Armor: 29 >>> 26 (Revert of last patch)
  • Q CD: 8 >>> 9
  • Q base damage: 50-150 >>> 40-140

Kindred stands along Rek’Sai as two of the strong Junglers in the game right now. Even after the nerfs last patch, she is still strong. So, Riot is nerfing her again.


  • P Burn Damage: 25-80 >>> 15-50
  • E Move Speed: 15-25% >>> 12-20%

What do you get when you give an enchanter a Shield, Healing, Attack Range Buff, and an AOE heal? You get Milio.

The champion has been very strong ever since its release, but it is surprising that it took Riot this much time for Riot to nerf him.


  • Q Crit Conversion: 95% >>> 75%
  • Base Health Regen: 7 >>> 6

It is somewhat surprising to see Rengar in the nerfs list but his stats speak for itself. Rengar currently has a 51% win rate, with a massive ban rate of 25% and a 6.3% pick rate.

A 25% ban rate for high-skill champions is pretty high, and Riot seems to think that too. So, on Patch 13.14, Riot is nerfing him.


  • Armor: 39 >>> 36
  • Passive Armor Steal: 3% >>> 2% (Max 15% >>> 10%)

It seems Riot may have overshot the recent Rell buffs in Patch 13.13. So, they are adjusting some of her numbers in Patch 13.14.


  • E Damage: 55-75 + 85% Bonus AD >>> 5-25 +70% Total AD
  • W Damage: 55-115 >>> 50-110

It’s not surprising to see Rek’Sai on the nerf list. Even after the nerfs in Patch 13.13, Rek’Sai remains the strongest Jungler in the game. She currently has a 54% win rate, with a massive ban rate of 29% and a 7% pick rate, making her one of the strongest champions in the game.


Sion isn’t really a strong pick in Solo-Queue, but in Professional play, he is very strong. He is a very stable top champion that is very good at team fighting and has a decent landing phase. Making him a perfect champion for Professional play and the reason he is getting nerfed.

System Nerfs


  • Cooldown increased from 90 seconds to 120

Galeforce is being nerfed once again, and rightfully so. The item has been the go-to item for marksmen ever since the mid-season update. Even after multiple nerfs, it remained strong. So, Riot is again nerfing Galeforce.

Release Date

The aforementioned nerfs will arrive at the live servers in Patch 13.14, which will be released on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

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