Riot Hints At Nerfing Jungle Power In League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Jungle has been a topic of conversation as Riot is looking to make more changes in the role.

As one of the most influential roles in League of Legends, the jungle has been the talk of the town. In the preseason, there were many changes to the jungle role. The preseason brought in pets, leashing changes, treats, xp changes, etc.

All the jungle changes started from Patch 12.22, where we got the new system changes. This includes the aforementioned pets, leash changes, and more. Since then, almost every patch has had some jungle changes. Patch 12.23b changed gold gain and some minor balance updates for the jungle. Lastly, the recent Patch 13.3 brought many systems changes to make ganking junglers less powerful.

Now, a new Quick Gameplay Thoughts has come out as Riot talks about the balance changes in the future. There is a significant mention of jungle changes coming soon. Let’s talk about what we know so far.

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Jungle Power In League of Legends At This Moment

As talked about by Riot, there are some important takeaways. Riot feels that the jungle is in a good spot for people queueing for the role, but games have become too dependent on the position itself. Junglers are affecting the games too much, and that is some Riot wants to work on.

Riot hopes that the changes in Patch 13.3 will fix some of those issues, but they will like to do more to help Power Farming Junglers in the future. Also, on Reddit, Riot Phlox talks more about the methodology for the future of jungle changes.

About Upcoming Jungle Changes

This is part of a long conversation as Riot recently nerfed ganking junglers in Patch 13.3. Riot Phlox talks about how they view when to nerf or buff ganking junglers. The balance team looks at high elo/pro games along with external and internal data in order to determine if ganking junglers are too strong.

Ganking at 3, snowballing, data gathering, intuition, etc., all come into play when they decide whether changes are required. After that, the balance team decides whether it’s worth doing it and how long it would take to fix the issues. The recent changes done in Patch 13.3 are relatively safe, according to Riot Phlox.

As for future changes, Riot Phlox mentioned that they are working on the next steps but cannot specify just yet what’s coming. However, he did mention that there are many ways to go about this, and they will try and “spice things up.” Hopefully, things will improve, and we can see a more balanced jungle. The full comment can be found in this link.

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