MultiVersus: Best Perks for Superman in Season 1

Learn about the best perks of Superman in MultiVersus. Kal-el doesn’t know what’s happening but only thinks it’s his job to fix it.

As one of the founding members of the Justice League, he has been an idol to the generations of all heroes. His fight with evil has now come to a halt as there is no evil to diminish in MultiVersus. It’s all about guiding the lost souls where they came from. And Superman is quite serious about his job.

This Tank archetype can be unlocked with 2000 coins. If that seems a bit heavy, you can go for 700 Gleamium. That won’t modify his perks tho. However, if you feel he’s going a bit slow and the control seems a bit sloppy, well, at least this much modification was necessary.

Other than that, our strongest tank character has a high mobility and flexibility that puts him at one of the highest spots in the character tier.

Below, you will find all attacks and the best perks of Superman in MultiVersus. Without further ado, let’s hop in!

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Best Skill Moves of Superman in MultiVersus


CHARGE an ARMORED forward punch.
Rapid three-punch attack.
A COMBO of rapid punches.
CHARGE a fast-forward swing.
CHARGE an ARMORED hammer swing upward.
CHARGE an upward punch.
CHARGE an arching downswing that BREAKS ARMOR.
CHARGE a downward arching punch.


Superman uses ice breath that pushes enemies and applies ICE. As ICE increases, enemies are slowed and eventually FROZEN. Enemies can STRUGGLE, and other enemies can hit them to free them. Allies and allied PROJECTILES in ice breath get ICE GAUNTLETS, making their next hit deal ICE. Enemy PROJECTILES caught in ice breath are either destroyed or frozen into an ITEM.
LeBron will launch into the air and then dunk his BASKETBALL downward, creating a shockwave on the ground that deals WEAKENED and destroy his BASKETBALL. Without a BASKETBALL, he will shoulder charge forward. If LeBron’s ally has thrown his BASKETBALL and it has hit an enemy, LeBron will instead warp to the ball’s location and then perform the dunk.
LeBron will shoot his BASKETBALL upward as a PROJECTILE. He can CHARGE to delay the throw. Without a BASKETBALL, he will throw chalk upward.
Similar to ground, but LeBron will shoot upward before throwing the BASKETBALL. Without a BASKETBALL, he will shoot upward and swipe.
LeBron will slam his BASKETBALL as a PROJECTILE down into the ground, bouncing it into the air. Without a BASKETBALL, he will create a fence PROJECTILE that blocks incoming PROJECTILES. If a projectile is blocked, LeBron will regain his BASKETBALL.
Similar to ground, but LeBron will slam his BASKETBALL through a hoop before shooting it downward.

Best Perks for Superman in MultiVersus

Below are the best perks for our last Kryptonian:

  • Signature Perk: Sniper Punch
  • Perk 1: Wildcat Brawler
  • Perk 2: Clear the Air
  • Perk 3: Last Stand

Sniper Punch

Take Kal-el to Mastery Level 10 to unlock this signature perk.

Superman’s extended aim-punch damages and knockbacks at long distances but decreased in close quarters.

Wildcat Brawler

Take Clark to Mastery Level 7 to unlock this offensive perk.

This perk will increase your team’s overall damage by 5% on melee attacks on the ground. Moreover, for Stacked, the damage increases by 10%.

Clear the Air

Take Clark to Mastery Level 13 to unlock this defensive perk.

Originally known as Dodge Reflect, your mates can destroy non-heavy enemy projectiles after successfully neutral dodging the projectile. However, in Stacked, mates will reflect the projectiles to where they came from instead of destroying them.

Last Stand

Superman can unlock this defensive perk by reaching Mastery Level 11

This perk will increase your team’s overall damage by 10% after reaching 100 damage. Moreover, for Stacked, the damage remains the same, but you will have to reach 90 damage.

These are the best perks for Superman in MultiVersus. Cheers!

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