MultiVersus: Best Perks for Reindog in Season 1

Learn about the best perks for Reindog in MultiVersus. The fluffy guardian is the only character explicitly made for the game.

Our Reindeer-dog is a Royal guardian of the Zanifeer royal family. Do not fall into his fluffy trap, as his heart is in beast mode. And he doesn’t stop until his protected ones genuinely feel they are protected. Such a fluffy warrior!

As we have mentioned earlier, he is the silent protector and the silent support-based character. We will need to focus on his horizontal-focused attacks to get a grip while hanging from the edge. His uniqueness has baffled us in choosing his position in the tier list. He belongs to the fluffy tier.

Below, you will find all attacks and the best perks of Reindog in MultiVersus. Without further ado, let’s hop in!

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Best Skill Moves of Reindog in MultiVersus


CHARGE to spit a powerful PROJECTILE that can be aimed up or down and bounce off terrain.
A COMBO of swipes and headbutts.
Reindog spins rapidly, hitting several times.
Reindog CHARGES then launches upward, ramming the enemy with his back.
Reindog bites above himself.
Reindog CHARGES a powerful tail swipe that can BREAK ARMOR.
Reindog CHARGES a powerful tail swipe that knocks enemies downward.


Send out a heart tether PROJECTILE that is connected to Reindog, repeatedly damaging overlapping enemies. The tether can connect to allies to increase its duration. Press input again to pull the tether back, bringing allies with it. COOLDOWN applies.
A forward pounce attack.
A spinning forward attack.
Summon and CHARGE a crystal above Reindog’s head. CHARGING increases how high above Reindog the crystal spawns. It will send a lightning bolt down every few seconds and hit enemies on the ground, applying SHOCKED. If the bolt hits Reindog or his ally, they gain ELECTRIFIED, which applies SHOCKED to the next enemy they hit.
Reindog will tumble upward and roll along the ground. Allies can pick up Reindog as an ITEM and throw him at enemies.AME
CHARGE and launch a fireball PROJECTILE in an arc that deals IGNITED to enemies it hits. CHARGING increases the distance the fireball travels. Leaves a firewall HAZARD on hit. The firewall repeatedly applies IGNITED to overlapping enemies. Allied PROJECTILES that pass through will deal IGNITED when they hit. It can be fired multiple times before COOLDOWN. On COOLDOWN, the fireball’s lifetime is significantly reduced.
Similar to ground but shoots downward without CHARGE.

Best Perks for Reindog in MultiVersus

Below are the best perks for our fluffy guardian:

  • Signature Perk: Fire Fluff
  • Perk 1: Hit’ Em While They’re Down
  • Perk 2: Static Electricity
  • Perk 3: Tasmanian Trigonometry

Fire Fluff

Take Reindog to Mastery Level 7 to unlock this signature perk.

Reindog’s fireball creates a large firewall upon hitting the ground.

Hit’ Em While They’re Down

Take Reindog to Mastery Level 13 to unlock this offensive perk.

Known initially as Damage Boost, this perk will increase your team’s overall damage by 5% when the debuffed foes. Moreover, for stacked, the damage increases by 10%. And yes, it would be pretty wise to attack after the Batarang is in the air.

Static Electricity

Take Reindog to Mastery Level 11 to unlock this offensive perk.

Known initially as Electric Projectile, this perk can be used to shock your foes. When your allies move on the ground for 4 seconds, their next projectile applies a shock to your competitors. However, the timer will restart if you leave the ground even for a moment.

Tasmanian Trigonometry

Reindog can unlock this defensive perk by reaching Mastery Level 12.

Your mates will receive a 15% increased base knockback influence. And for Stacked, the block buff will increase by 25%.

These are the best perks for Reindog in MultiVersus. Cheers!

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