MultiVersus: Best Perks for The Iron Giant in Season 1

Learn about the best perks of the Iron Giant in MultiVersus. The robotic hero from beyond the stars wants to reign the MultiVersus.

The Iron Giant is of tank class in MultiVersus. This enigmatic mechanical marvel is a big fan of Superman. This trustworthy character is a solid go-to for being in the frontline to defend his allies. You should watch out for his Rage mode. That is where his speciality lies.

The Iron Giant has a decent framework. As his heart box seems to be the largest in the game, he can take on multiple combos from his foes, especially the assassin ones. For 2v2, he’s an ideal choice, without any doubt.

Even though this giant metal box deals one of the heaviest damages in MultiVersus, his mobility seems to be lower proportionately, even though you can easily cover up that sin with the right perks and the right builds.

Below, you will find all attacks and the best perks of the Iron Giant in MultiVersus. Without further ado, let’s hop in!

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Best Skill Moves of The Iron Giant in MultiVersus


NeutralMetal Eater / 100-Ton Kick
Iron Giant charges a chomp on some metal that breaks armour. In Rage mode, he sets a forward kick.
Booster Damage
Iron Giant spins his legs around him while firing his rocket boots, hitting multiple times and consuming fuel. He can charge to increase the duration of the attack but will consume more FUEL.
SideCar-Lateral Damage / Martial Laser
Iron Giant delivers a combo smashing a car and then sits on it to quiet its horn. In Rage mode, he charges multiple shots of a laser projectile.
Rocket Kick
Iron Giant lifts and fires his rocket boots forward, hitting multiple times and burning fuel.
UpCaution: Flying Metal
Iron Giant charges and then hurls a scrap metal item upward. In RAGE MODE, he fires three missile projectiles overhead that shoot downward. Missiles can be fired multiple times before Cooldown applies.
Iron Giant shoots upward with his fist held heroically. He can fly while attacking.
DownThat… is Art! / Hydraulic Stomp
Iron Giant plants an artwork item, knocking nearby enemies downward. Allies that pick up the artwork receive a Thorn Buff. In Rage mode, he charges and slams his foot, creating a shockwave. Charging increases the distance of the shockwave.
Blast Radius
Iron Giant ignites his rocket boots downward, creating a fire trail Projectile that spreads along the ground. He can charge to continue the attack but will consume fuel.


NeutralBolt Friends / Hyperstatic Assault
Iron Giant summons Bolts to circle him. Each Bolt acts similarly to Armor but is immune to Armor Break abilities. He can be summoned while he is performing other moves. His allies receive Gray Health based on the number of bolts. Both will have an electric discharge after a short delay. In Rage mode, Iron Giant will fire a powerful electrical projectile. Separate cooldowns apply for both attacks. When Iron Giant picks up items, he will eat them, refreshing the cooldownCOOLDOWN for his Bolts.
SideCarry On / Stunnalizer 3000
Iron Giant will grab a nearby enemy. The enemy is stunned, and Iron Giant can carry them across the map. They are dropped after Iron Giant performs his next attack. In Rage mode, he fires an energy orb that will stun enemies. Cooldown applies to the energy projectile.
Rocket Boost! / Stunnalizer 3000
Iron Giant fires his rocket boots back and shoots forward. He can charge to continue the attack but will consume fuel. In Rage mode, this attack is similar to his Grounded Side Special.
UpSystems are Go! / Electric Surge
Iron Giant spins a beat-up hot rod around himself, blocking projectiles. He can move and fly while attacking, and the direction of his movement will change the angle the hot rod spins. In Rage mode, Iron Giant summons an electrical strike up his body. Cooldown applies to the electrical strike.
DownCannonball! / Aerial Laser Blast
Iron Giant jumps into the air and then cannonballs downward. Before he jumps, he can move an aimer on the ground that will control where his cannonball lands. In Rage mode, Iron Giant fires a downward laser blast projectile. Charge to increase the range of the projectile.
Cannonball! / Aerial Laser Blast
Like the ground, Iron Giant does not aim and transitions immediately into the downward cannonball.

Best Perks for The Iron Giant in MultiVersus

Below are the best perks for our detective:

  • Signature Perk: Afterburners
  • Perk 1: Wildcat Brawler
  • Perk 2: The Purest of Motivations
  • Perk 3: School Me Once…


Take the Iron Giant to Mastery Level 8 to unlock this signature perk.

After igniting Iron Giant’s rocket boots, they leave behind firewalls.

Wildcat Brawler

Take the Iron Giant to Mastery Level 13 to unlock this offensive perk.

This perk will increase your team’s overall damage by 5% on melee attacks on the ground. Moreover, for Stacked, the damage increases by 10%.

The Purest of Motivations

Take the Iron Giant to Mastery Level 4 to unlock this utility perk.

The Iron Giant’s team will have 15% increased damage for 10 seconds after an ally is rung out. And for Stacked, the damage will increase by 15% for 15 seconds.

School Me Once…

The Iron Giant can unlock this defensive perk by reaching Mastery Level 7.

Your mates will have a projectile buff for 2 seconds after being knocked back by a powerful projectile. And for Stacked, the block buff will increase by an additional 2 seconds.

These are the best perks for the Iron Giant in MultiVersus. Cheers!

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