Most Picked & Banned Champions in League of Legends MSI 2022

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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MSI 2022 has just wrapped up, and RNG is your MSI champion. Let’s see which champions were most prevalent in MSI this year.

RNG just beat SKT T1 to become back-to-back MSI champions. They are the 2nd team to achieve such a feat. The only other team to only ever win 2 MSI back-to-back was SKT T1 themselves in 2016-17. This year’s MSI was a joy to watch with so many games and explosive matches. The meta favored champions like Gwen, Viego, Ahri, Lee Sin, Kaisa, Nautilus, Leona, etc., who are good at team fighting.

So the matches were bloody and actioned packed throughout. Even wildcard teams were explosive and took games from the top teams. But the final came down to SKT and RNG as they were a grade above other teams this season. The final went to silver scrapes, and after some back and forth games, RNG won it in game 5.

Though the fans got to see some amazing and creative picks throughout the MSI, there were some powerful champions that were either picked or banned the most. Let’s go over the top 10 picked and banned champions of MSI 2022.

Top 10 Most Banned Champion

Lucian was the most banned champion in MSI 2022 by a mile. He was banned in 74 games. And he was picked the three times when he was available. Also, Lucian won those three matches with a 100% win rate. Though fans didn’t get to see much of Lucian in this MSI, he was the most feared champion for all teams.

LeBlanc was banned 49 times but got through quite a few times. LeBlanc is said to be Faker’s best champion, and it was a treat to watch him play LeBlanc to perfection, taking four wins out of four matches he played that champion.

Other mentionable champions have to be Nautilus, Gwen, Ahri, and Wukong. Fans got to see some crazy games featuring these champions. T1’s support Keria was a joy to watch, especially on Nautilus.

(Pick + Ban)
8Twisted Fate192456%42%

Top 10 Most Picked Champion

It’s no surprise to see Gwen and Viego as the most picked champions of MSI 2022. Viego really struggled to gain success as he has a 33% win rate in 40 games. But teams didn’t give enough respect to Gwen by letting her go through so many times. As a result, Gwen was one of the most dominant champions in MSI 2022. RNG’s top laner Bin went 13/0/3 with Gwen on Game 1 of the finals.

Other champions like Nautilus, Ahri, Wukong, and Kai’Sa were generally strong on Patch 12.8 that MSI was played on. So they were picked regularly, and all had at least a 50% win rate. And Lee Sin is always a threat at the hands of professional junglers with insane mechanical skills. So Lee Sin also had a decent number of games in MSI 2022.

(Pick + Ban)
7Lee Sin241247%54%

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Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.