MSI 2022 Power Rankings

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Here is our Power Rankings for MSI 2022 as the tournament is about a week away.

MSI 2022 will kick off on the 10th as the schedule is already out and teams are practicing for the start of the tournament. There is a good bit of hype and optimism going into the tournament for the top four regions. Thus, we are coming out with our power rankings for MSI 2022.

Power Rankings of MSI 2022

With the tournament starting soon, here is our power rankings for MSI 2022.

MSI 2022 Power Rankings

1. T1

For now, T1 should definitely be the favorite until further developments. They had a fantastic Spring Split and will be looking to carry it into MSI 2022 to win it all on their home turf.

2. Royal Never Give Up

RNG scrapped through the LPL playoffs to come through to MSI in back-to-back years. The team has made changes compared to last year as Xiaohu returns to the mid lane. They are a formidable team and will be in the mix to win it all.

3. G2 Esports

G2 ran the table as they won every single series in the lower bracket with a 3-0. They improved significantly in the split and will want to win MSI. G2’s top side will give problems to any team in the tournament and that’s what they will be banking on.

4. Evil Geniuses

Similar to G2’s story, EG ran the table as well and achieved victory in the LCS. They are a super aggressive team from NA that has a lot of talent to be a mainstay at the top of NA. This will be good experience for them as they improve and get better as a team. However, with the inexperience of Jojopyun and Danny on an international stage, it’s unlikely that they can win the tournament.

5. Saigon Buffalo

VCS is making it to MSI 2022 but it’s not their split winner as GAM has to attend the SEA Games. Instead, we have Saigon Buffalo, a young team, that is representing the VCS. The VCS has not attended an international tournament in a while but if they are the same type of team as we are used to, this will be a strong enough team. How far they can go is the question and we will be keeping a close eye on them going forward.

6. PSG Talon

While PSG Talon once again won the PCS, the PCS was fairly weak this time around. Not a whole lot of competition even though CTBC rose up in the finals. They are definitely a weaker team compared to last year and the question will be whether they can compete against stronger teams.

7. fastpay Wildcats

The Wildcats are making another MSI appearance as a team. This team was dominant in the TCL losing only 4 games in the entire split including playoffs. So they are a pretty strong team. For them, the aim is to unseat PSG Talon to get to the Rumble stage. If that goal is met, this tournament will be a success for them.

8. Detonation FocusMe

DFM is a mainstay from the LJL region as they make the tournament yet again. However, they are a different team as changes were made after 2021. Only time will tell if that will make any headway for international success.

9. Red Canids Kalunga

RED makes another international tournament from CBLOL with the same roster as last time. What fans will be looking for is an improvement from them as a team. Maybe they will be able to shock someone in the tournament.


A new team in the LCO join MSI with some familiar faces. However, the odds are stacked against them as they have EG and G2 on their roster. All they should hope for is to have a good showing and build upon that for Worlds 2022.

11. Team AZE

AZE had a wonderful story coming to MSI 2022. They are a good team from the LATAM region but there is still a lot this region can do to prove their place. LATAM has not performed well since Rainbow7 and fans are eager to see them again. Maybe against the 2nd seed of the VCS, they can make something happen.


Thus, this is our power rankings for MSI 2022. There will be more analysis and content coming from us for MSI 2022 and we are eager for this tournament to kick off. MSI is set to start on May 10th with Saigon Buffalo vs T1.

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