RNG Wins MSI 2022

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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MSI 2022 has concluded as Royal Never Give Up (RNG) wins against T1 for the trophy.

Royal Never Give Up comes out victorious in the Finals against T1 with a 3-2 record. It was a tight series as both teams were takings games alternately. Eventually, the cohesion and excellent team play from RNG edges them out to win the tournament. Let’s talk a little about how they won the finals.

Series Recap

As mentioned earlier, the teams were going back and forth as RNG won games 1,3, and 5, and T1 won games 2 and 4. All games won were for the Blue Side, so drafting from the Blue Side worked wonders for both teams, and it’s very recognizable when you look at the drafts in a vacuum. Furthermore, both T1 and RNG drafted better on Blue Side. Thus, both teams had their picks they were prioritizing because of the first pick advantage.

RNG was going for Gwen, and T1 was going for a Jinx/Tahm Kench lane in the blue side games. The teams also looked significantly better in those situations. Overall, RNG was doing outstanding on drafts while T1 was sticking to comfort, and that won them games. It was clear T1 was grasping at straws to counter the Gwen while RNG was pinching the ADC champion pool.

Execution-wise, there is a lot to like about what RNG did. They managed to put a lid on T1’s early game for the most part, and T1 depends on that lead to get things going. RNG’s ability to roam around the map and punish different lanes was key to this win. Whether the decision was to go top lane, bot lane, or mid lane, RNG found success in the games regardless of where they put resources on the map. Even in games they lost, they at least tried to show some signs of life, but the draft difference was their undoing.

T1 made many mistakes with this series, and many of them were forced by RNG. RNG was matching blow for blow on many occasions, and RNG pinched Gumayusi’s champion pool. Focusing heavily on giving Bin Gwen and then giving bot lane a favorable matchup was too much for T1 to handle.

With all the pressure RNG was exerting, Wei stepped up today. He deserved the Finals MVP as he was making things extremely hard for Oner and T1 by being at the right place at the right time and being extremely proactive. As a result, RNG remains the king of Spring for two years straight.

In Conclusion

Overall, the series was competitive, and it was fun to watch. A lot happened during the games, so make sure to catch the rebroadcast or the VODS to watch or rewatch the games.

Thus, we now have a few weeks of break before the Summer Splits start. We look forward to what the new meta will lead us to and watching some good League of Legends.

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