Modern Warfare Players Are Frustrated Over Glitches After The Recent Hotfix

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Modern Warfare has a vast community even after three years following its release, and with the sequel right around the corner, fans are returning to the game one last time. However, new graphics glitches are making it unbearable for players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was Infinity Ward’s reinvented take on the arcade shooter experience. The game soon became the best-selling CoD title of all time. The integration of Warzone cemented its position as a benchmark among the community.

However, with the release of BOCW and Vanguard, the quality of the game went downhill as Infinity Ward had to move on to the development of Modern Warfare 2. Even though there is no live support for the game, fans still play the game regularly. Moreover, MW2’s rising hype has caused more players to return to the game.

Due to the rising number of returning players, Infinity Ward released an update for the game, but the 1 GB update ruined the gameplay experience for players. The game is suddenly getting plagued by graphical glitches, making the game unplayable for the majority of the community.

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Modern Warfare Plagued by Graphics Glitches

Modern Warfare’s gameplay experience has been horrible for most PS5 and PC players for the past few months. The game was plagued with various issues, primarily due to the instability of the IW Engine. Recently, IW released a massive update to solve these issues.

As for the update, it failed to solve the issues. Instead, it backfired with graphical errors for most players. In a recent Reddit post by u/Draculashadow, the user displayed the graphics glitch he faced during a match.

Other users quickly explained why these issues were so rampant even after such huge updates. Most updates tend to delete previous update files to reinstall new files causing anomalies in many regular game files.

Unfortunately, many players are becoming skeptical about MW2. A few people stated in the thread that they would not purchase MW2 considering the broken update fiasco.

MW2’s release is on the horizon, and it’s only a matter of time to see where the devs take the game with live support. Buggy updates and a broken game will only cause the already declining player count to plummet further down the line.

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