Zlaner’s Shared His Opinion on Potential Broken Feature in Warzone 2

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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OpTic Zlaner has stated a suggestion for Warzone 2 in hopes of improving gameplay quality. He suggested removing a specific perk from the game for its own good.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s potential release date is at the end of this year, a few months after Modern Warfare 2. The game will be an entirely new rendition of its predecessor, Warzone. Moreover, it will feature new maps, new in-game features, and new game mechanics.

Most content creators are dishing out their takes on what changes the devs should make in Warzone 2 to make the game better than its predecessor. On that note, OpTic Zlaner also shared his take on what the devs should scrap from the game to freshen up gameplay quality.

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OpTic Zlaner’s Take on Combat Scout Perk

In a recent stream, Zlaner and Dr. Disrespect were conversing about what changes they wanted to see in Warzone 2. During the conversation, Zlaner requested the devs not to include the Combat Scout perk in the next game for their own good.

He stated, “Hopefully, they take this thing out of the game, do not add that back for Warzone 2, oh my god.” Furthermore, after he eliminated a player aided by the perk, he released a visible rant, “This Perk is so broken.”

YouTube video
The conversation starts at 12:38

Combat Scout perk has been a significant annoyance for most of the community. It provides an unfair advantage in the battle royale setting of the game. Most players are visibly uncomfortable with the presence of the perk in the game.

For a perk that highlights the whole squad in a gunfight, this perk truly has no purpose being in Warzone. Like Zlaner, most players hope that the perk gets taken out of the next game, making the game quality superior.

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