Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer: Everything We Know So Far

Like every other CoD title, MWII is getting new field upgrades and improved vehicle mechanics. Here’s everything we know about the latest additions to the game.

Modern Warfare 2 is the newest CoD title and the direct sequel to MW(2019). Players will get a new campaign and multiplayer mode with the game’s release. Although all titles released before MW(2019) had multiplayer modes, they failed to engage the community due to the lack of innovation.

On the contrary, Infinity Ward managed to capture the essence of the CoD experience with MW(2019). They introduced new mechanics and items in-game that increased the quality of life in multiplayer.

Similarly, MW2 is set to receive a massive amount of changes. According to Doug Dagnabbit, aka ModernWarzone, the multiplayer mode will feature new content and changes to the core gameplay.

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MW2 will feature two types of maps: Battle Maps and Core Maps. Here’s how the maps will function.

Battle Maps

Battle maps are large-scale maps for the ground war mode. Additionally, these maps will be POIs from the new Warzone 2 map. Infinity Ward stated that the maps are based on Verdansk and will be optimized for large-scale encounters.
Battle maps featured in the playtest-

  1. Sa’id: An intense urban map built circling Verdansk’s Downtown area.
  2. Sarrif Bay: A fishing village with vast water bodies, it amplifies water combat.
Downtown Verdansk (Image via Modern Warfare)

Core Maps

Core maps are traditional 6v6 maps focusing on a tighter combat area. Three maps that were mentioned during the playtest are:

Grand Prix: A race track in Asia with a race in the background.

Grand Prix (Image via Call of Duty on YT)

Farm 18: A training facility featuring a “shoot house” in the middle.

Museum: A museum in Spain based on the Getty Museum.

Getty Museum, USA (Image via Jelson25 on Wikipedia)

New Gameplay Mechanics

Dolphin Diving

In addition to slide canceling, Dolphin Diving is back. It is a feature that was present during past CoD titles. The sole purpose of dolphin diving is to avoid tricky situations. When dolphin diving, the player jumps into a prone position while running or standing still. It is a controversial addition considering players will have to adapt to it all over again.


Swimming is a significant feature in MW2. Here is everything we know related to swimming and its limitations-

  1. Visibility decreases the further a player goes in the water.
  2. Weapon ballistics are different in the water. Bullet velocity decreases in water, and the player’s aim is shaky while aiming down the sights.
  3. All types of equipment work underwater.
  4. Proximity mine functions appropriately under the water.
  5. New water vehicle – armored patrol boat.

Ledge Hanging

Ledge hanging is a new mechanic that is similar to MW(2019) ‘s ladder hanging feature. It will allow players to peak or aim hanging from a ledge. Additionally, players can hang on to a ledge while using a parachute, which significantly improves for Warzone 2.

Vehicle Gameplay Mechanics

Here’s a list of new vehicle gameplay mechanics-

  1. Knocking off doors.
  2. Vehicles can be fixed at gas stations.
  3. Players can lean out of vehicles.
  4. Climbing to the roof of the vehicle from the inside.
  5. Tires can be blown off by shooting.
  6. Amphibious vehicles are similar to hovercrafts.
  7. All vehicles can go to water and function for a while before shutting off.
  8. New Helicopter Troop carrier.

New Field Upgrades and Equipment

DDOS Field Upgrade

DDOS field upgrade is similar to EMP grenades. It can be used to take out equipment and vehicles.

Tactical Camera Field Upgrade

The tactical camera field upgrade is similar to R6’s Valkyrie cam. It can attach itself to surfaces and be used while a player is alive. Furthermore, allied cameras are usable by the whole team.

Valkyrie Cam (Image via Ubisoft)

Drill Lethal Charge

Similar to R6’s Fuze drill charge, it can be thrown onto a wall, and upon detonation, it releases cluster grenades.

Image via Ubisoft

Inflatable Decoy Field Upgrade

This field upgrade is similar to Alibi’s decoy from R6 Siege. It can be used manually and also as a proximity mine. Moreover, when used as a mine, it will detonate a decoy when an enemy comes into its proximity.

New AI Revamp

AIs have been revamped to function more realistically. The new AI improvements are as follows-

  1. AIs will fight as a team, and they will have hivemind features.
  2. AIs will fight like they have an actual life and will not die so quickly.
  3. AIs will be part of Warzone 2.
  4. Currently, the new engine can hold 300 AIs and 100 live players.

Multiplayer Beta Dates

First Weekend-

PlayStation Exclusive Beta

  • Early Access: September 16-17
  • Open Beta: September 18-20

Second Weekend-

Crossplay Beta (PC + XBOX)

  • Early Access: September 22-23
  • Open Beta: September 23-26
  • PS Open Beta: September 22-26

For now, these are all the new additions to the multiplayer mode of MW2 that we know of. Further additions will be revealed with the open beta launch for MW2. Stay frosty, and follow our Call of Duty Twitter account for instant updates on everything regarding Modern Warefare 2 & Warzone 2.

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